Prison Families & Loved Ones

3 Generations, Together After So Long

3 Generations together, reunited! Last weekend, I took my grandmother to see my mom in prison. It was my mother’s first time seeing her mother and only child at the same time in almost seven years (not including court dates where she was so heavily sedated that she was technically incoherent.) It was a real […]

Prison Kids

I Am The Prisoner’s Daughter

It’s been a long 6 years, 11 months & 14 days since that horrible day when my mom was arrested. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. That day officially became the worst day of my life. After 3 years of fighting 3 seperate cases, 2 hung jurys, 2 public defenders, 2 private attorneys, 5 […]

Prison System Issues

Death Penalty Documentary

Death Penalty Documentary: Execution Tour of NC Death Row A death penalty documentary short film (10 minutes) by Scott Langley. The warden of North Carolina’s Central Prison (Marvin Polk) narrates the preparation and final hours before a state execution in Raleigh, where the execution facilities are located. Renee Patterson WritesRenee Patterson writes prison stories, prison […]