Prison Phone Calls

The High Cost of Calling Home

Last post I looked at some new technology that gives the loved ones of inmates who live at a distance a new way of visiting: video calls. Those who live a significant distance away, or have young children, or an unforgiving work schedule that bars them from normal visiting hours find this new opportunity intriguing. […]

Prison Families & Loved Ones

Rejecting Guilt Part II

  Last week, or five minutes ago if you just happened upon this blog, you created and categorized an “If Only” list. These if only’s probably detail your deepest regrets, biggest perceived failings, and disappointment in your life circumstances. Your “If Only” list may change from week to week, but the likelihood is that many […]

Prison Visits & Issues

Technology and Prison Visitation

A decade ago Skype had just been founded. Few people knew the power of video chatting, and even fewer dreamed of technological advances such as Facetime or Google+ video chat. A decade later, the world has changed. As smartphones take the place of laptops and desktop computers, some of these advances may finally be filtering […]

Prison phone call companies, such as Global Tel Link, are creating dubious charges for prison loved ones, making calls from prison unaffordable.
Prison Families & Loved Ones

Rejecting Guilt Part I

  The loved ones of inmates often carry heavy loads. Not only are they often the sole provider for their families with all the stress that brings, but they also often carry heavy loads of guilt. Some may even feel it is their fault their loved one is incarcerated. Nothing could be farther from the […]

Prison Visits & Issues

Planning a Prison Visit: Visitation Hours & Times

When planning a visit to a loved one, knowing the visiting hours is very important. Imagine driving all the way to the facility only to discover the visiting hours are a different day, or that you just missed the window of time available for visitation hours! What Days are visitation allowed?   All United States […]

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Prison Families & Loved Ones

Lost in the American Dream

The pull of the American Dream The families of inmates feel torn between two worlds. American society is obsessed with living the American Dream. For most, that dream includes owning their own home, driving a new car off the lot every few years, owning the latest greatest music hits, the highest definition TV with the […]

Parenting from Behind BarsPrison Kids

The Lives of Incarcerated Mothers & Their Prison Children

Minor Visitation Crystal’s* face glowed. “My mom is bringing my daughter for visitation tomorrow! Pray that everything will work out, and there wont be any fights that stop visitation.” Crystal had been coming out to jail bible studies for almost a month. Usually her face reflected her depression at her current circumstance. Each week she […]

Prison Families & Loved Ones

Prison Family… Under Renovation

Losing a loved one to incarceration is like losing a wall to your house. Suddenly, family life turns upside down. Even if the support and protection that loved one provided was weak, losing your family member or significant other still leaves you reeling with shock. Just as a house missing one of its walls faces […]