In February 2014, Shadae 'Dae Dae' Schmidt had a stroke, but was still returned to isolation. She was found hanging in her isolation cell at CIW.
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CIW Audit Report: Why Women Are Committing Suicide in CDCR Prisons

A recent audit conducted at four California state prisons (CDCR) has caused lawmakers to call for reform. The audit revealed that inmates, especially women, are committing suicide in CDCR prisons at alarming rates. State lawmakers requested the audit after years of rising prison suicide numbers among California’s female inmate population. Conclusions from the report found […]

El Chapo Beat Up
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Famous Prisoners: Is El Chapo Getting His Own Biographical Series?

The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story is a story about the infamous drug trafficker. Netflix has dedicated this biographical series to famous prisoner El Chapo, which debuts in October 2017. Kate del Castillo and the digital platform Netflix announced the documentary and biographical series “The Day I Met Chapo: the Kate […]

Until the end, there were still reported cases of new and current members and supporters of The Manson Family. At 80 years old, Charles Mason married Storm, and 18-year-old woman, and new member to The Manson Family.
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Famous Prisoners: Quentin Tarantino Planning to Film Movie About The Manson Family Murders

Lovers of Quentin Jerome Tarantino’s movies are in for another blockbuster from the American director, writer and actor. This may be Tarantino’s second to the last film, and it is set to be about the Manson Family Murders of the 1960’s. Manson Family Murders Movie: Budget, Title, Release Date Still Unknown Charles Mason and his “family” […]

Mary Brunner, mother of Charlie's 3rd son, was never really a mother to her prison child.
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Charles Manson’s 3rd Son with Cult Member was Not a Prison Child (Videos)

At the time of his imprisonment, Charles Manson left behind several children. The Manson Family used to live at a place called Spahn Ranch. There, he fathered his 3rd son, Michael Brunner, with cult member Mary Brunner. Names of Manson’s Biologically Proven Sons There were multiple kids born at Spahn Ranch whose paternity’s are unknown. A few […]