A New Way of Life: Susan Burton created the re-entry program for women who have spent decades in prisons.
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Women Are Creating New Purpose-Filled Lives After Their Prison Releases

Susan Burton is highly praised for opening her home up to strangers. She also provides other resources to offer safe healing environments for the women being released from prisons. She’s helping these ex-inmates create new purpose-filled lives. The Birth of Susan Burton’s New Purpose-Filled Life Very few people will be willing to welcome fresh ex-convicts […]

With clean credit, your loved one can buy a home within two years of being released from prison.
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Paying Off Credit Debt: The Cons Creditors Don’t Tell You About

Old credit mistakes that reflect on credit reports & scores are points of concern for any borrower. Inmates are no exception when it comes to credit errors. These mistakes have always raised eyebrows. They may end up hurting your imprisoned loved one’s credit scores. So, now is the time to make the relentless effort to […]

A man who was under arrest in Westland died after having some kind of medical emergency while in police custody - and police at the jail ignored him, his former inmate claims.
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Former Inmate Accuses Police of Letting Man Die in Cell Hours after Arrest (Video)

An unnamed former inmate at the Westland Police Department has accused the police of insensitivity. A man died in jail Sunday evening just hours after being arrested. Thirty-five-year-old William Marshall was arrested for DUI on Sunday. He died later that night after experiencing seizures. The anonymous source said police ignored Marshall as he groped on […]

Applying for Angel Tree Assistance
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Angel Tree Program Plans 2017 Christmas Party for Prison Kids

In a bid to show love to children with incarcerated parents, Teddie Martinez has purchased some Christmas presents for them. Project Reconnect is run out of Paterson’s 4th Ward. The nonprofit program founded by Martinez is expected to benefit at least 73 kids. He got their names from the Passaic County Jail. The program has been operational for […]

Does this visiting room filled with video visitation phones look kid-friendly to you?
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Douglas County Jail Uses Art & Activities To Be More Kid-Friendly & Less Scary

Two Douglas County Jail employees had the same vision: Transform the visiting area into a child-friendly environment. Jackie Notch and Connie Fields worked to make the vision come true. One of the essences of allowing prison kids to visit their incarcerated parents is to comfort them with the parental love they have innocently been deprived of […]

A Way Out: Prison Escape Game for Two
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A Way Out: Intriguing New Prison Escape Game (Video)

In the spirit of Prison Break, A Way Out is a collaborative game about prison escape plans. It can be played online or offline between two or more gamers. It is similar to Prison Break in concept. But, it’s main characters are Leo and Vincent, who are not brothers. This co-op game will debut on March […]

Brendan Dassey back in November 2016 looking happy because he thought he was getting out of prison.
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Brendan Dassey: ‘Making a Murderer’ Star’s Publicized Confessions Get Him Life in Prison

A jury ruled 4-3 that ‘Making a Murderer‘ star Brendan Dassey will serve life in prison. His confessions are enough for a life sentence for the murder and mutilation of Teresa Halbach. The jury said his publicized confessions are enough basis to serve life in prison. Dassey is life for Teresa Halbach’s 2005 murder. She was a […]

Douglas County Jail in Nebraska
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Research: Fairness Required To End Discrimination in Inmate Phone Call Rates

Inmates in the 64-county jails across Nebraska who intend to call their family members or lawyers pay surprisingly different rates per call. The charges vary depending on location, with poor areas seemingly paying more. Research Conducted on Costs of Nebraska County Jail Phone Calls Research was recently conducted in the facilities under the interest of […]

Excited Delirium Syndrome is a very controversial condition some say doesn't even exist.
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Most Inmate Deaths in Missouri Prisons Remain Unresolved to This Day

Investigating and getting to the roots of inmate deaths in Missouri prisons is almost impossible. This is because of the shroud of mystery surrounding every death incident. Missouri Inmate Michael Lorenzo King: 2011 And the fact that local police are not always called in to investigate prison deaths – the prison authorities do their own internal […]

CDCR Prison Inmate Firefighters of San Luis Obispo County
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California Inmates on Frontline of the Wildfire Battle: What Are the Benefits?

California’s CDCR inmates are putting their lives on the line and giving it all it takes to fight the wildfire battle. But, will this benefit them in the end? The California wildfire continues to gain momentum through the greater Los Angeles area, it’s successfully: Disrupting businesses Destroying homes Causing the displacement of over 250,000 residents […]