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CDCR inmate firefighters fighting out-of-control wildfires that are extremely close to them.
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CDCR Inmates Fight Wildfires for Pennies… Will They Come Home to Jobs?

California prison inmates are fighting out-of-control wildfires for a measly $1 per hour. Yet, CDCR promises to offer them NO help finding jobs when they get out. Let’s be clear. $1 per hour may sound like pennies to those of us on the outside. But, in a prison system where inmates generally make anywhere between […]

inmates release area
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People in Prisons Can Actually Work on Their Credit Now… While Still Inside

If your loved one is scheduled to get out of prison soon, credit will soon become an issue. Help your incarcerated family and friends fix credit issues now, while they’re still locked up. Help Your Incarcerated Family and Friends Fix Credit Issues Not only will they want a car, or possibly need a home, but […]

One prison inmate writes that letters are always something prisoners appreciate from their loved ones on the outside.
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Contacting Your Incarcerated Family and Friends This Holiday Season (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. Click here to Read Part 1. 3. Actual Gifts You Can Send to Prisoners for Christmas Renee Patterson Writes eBooks to, for and about prison loved ones. She’s been sending Christmas gifts to her mom in prison, who entered the CDCR system in 2007, since the beginning. […]

Be the angel in their lives by contacting your incarcerated family and friends this holiday season with letters, cards, prison visits and more.
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Contacting Your Incarcerated Family and Friends This Holiday Season (Part 1)

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations are almost upon us. Prison inmates need feel like they are parts of the celebrations. There are various ways of contacting your incarcerated family and friends this holiday season. Getting in touch and staying connected with loved ones prisons is very important during the holiday. They will appreciate it […]

This Kim Kardashian prison meme is the #1 Liked #PrisonVisits post on Instagram.
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Instagram’s Top 9 Liked #PrisonVisits Posts 09.16.2017

#PrisonVisits are one of the most important things incarcerated inmates need. Some turn to pen pals and advocacy groups. Others rely on visits from their loved ones to make their time behind bars easier. The #PrisonLovedOnes community is very active. We enjoy posting pictures of ourselves preparing for visits to prisons and headed to prisons […]

Richard Tavera pictured with two kids in a family photo.
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Must See: Surveillance Video Shows Richard Tavera Hung Himself While Prison Guards Watched

Richard Tavera was sentenced to three years in prison by a Georgia judge. Surveillance footage reveals that four correctional officers stood by a watched as he hung himself. These videos are being used as evidence against the prison guards. It’s proof that they didn’t intervene in December 2014 when the 24-year-old Georgia inmate took his […]

OITNB Mother-Daugther Prisoners Dayanara Diaz and Aleida Diaz Mugshots
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OITNB Reminds Us What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison

On Monday, I published a report entitled “OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids.” This is part 2 of that report… OITNB Reminds Us What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison Read Part 1: OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids When mom goes to prison, being separated […]

OITNB: Mother & Daugther Prisoners Dayanara Diaz and Aleida Diaz
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OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids

Many fans say the season 5 premiere of Orange Is the New Black fell short of their expectations. However, for those effected by moms in prisons, it was a wake-up call and jolting reminder all at the same time. OITNB: Moms in Prisons Fans remember OITNB season 3 opened with a prison Mother’s Day episode. […]

San Quentin Computer Coding Program Students
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California Prisons Attempt to Lower Recidivism Rates with Computer Coding Program

A computer coding program turned out to be a success for the men at San Quentin State Prison (SQ). So, in an effort to lower recidivism rates, the program is now available to the inmates of the California Institution for Women (CIW). The inmate computer coding program was initiated by The Last Mile (TLM), a […]

Hurricane Harvey Texas Prisons
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What Happens to Your Imprisoned Loved Ones During Natural Disasters?

When a natural disaster strikes, prison inmates must be evacuated. They are just about the lowest people on the list of rescue effort priorities. So, what happens to your loved ones in prisons during natural disasters? Hurricane Harvey Prison Evacuations: Over 8,000 Inmates Hurricane Harvey caused major flooding in Texas. This resulted in authorities evacuating […]