Mirza Gil is a full-time writer interested in everything social and controversial. She loves to drink coffee and watch documentaries about people of the world. Ms. Gil is a driven young professional with a passion for writing. She has collaborated with translating houses for Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Mirza currently writes prison loved ones news for Prison Rideshare Network.

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Charles Manson Dead: How CDCR Deals with Sick Inmates

How does California deal with sick inmates such as Charles Manson? Initially, people who are in prison have a health service made up of doctors, nurses and therapists – but what do they really do with sick inmates like charles manson . When an inmate worrisome symptoms, he (in the same circumstance of Charles Manson) […]

Black-ish criticised by fans for casting Chris Brown in an episode about the treatment of black women.
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Black-ish’s Brilliant Perspective on Having a Loved One in Prison

Black-ish is an ABC series that’s essentially a comedy sitcom. However, its writers have chosen to tackle the ideas of prisoners and jails in the US quite brilliantly. The . Still, it uses up all of its resources to make a point on the state of society today. Throughout its four seasons, the writers have touched on […]

Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN)
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Formerly Incarcerated People Face Serious Challenges Trying to Create Better Lives

Getting out of jail is, for most, a clean slate. It’s chance to start over, to do good, to become someone who makes a mark on society. But, formerly incarcerated people face some serious challenges starting new lives outside the prison gates. What they don’t know is while they are ready to move on in life, […]

Nebraska Prisoner Alyssa Mayer and DeVanté
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The Toll Parents Behind Bars Has on Nebraska’s Prison Kids

Children of imprisoned mothers and fathers are often described as the forgotten victims of incarceration. When a parent goes to jail, children are affected, usually in negative ways. However, these effects are rarely considered in criminal justice processes, during which – instead – attention is focused on determining the guilt or innocence of a person […]

Bad girls banged up
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Trouble Teens shipped to US prisons to star in new TV Show

Some girls and troubled teens are addicted to selfies and social media. Other girls are not going on the right path. Young people on the brink of falling into big problems and even becoming fully-developed criminals. This show intends to be a  whole new perspective to put a stop to it. spend a full week […]

Everett miller
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Alleged Cop-Killer Everett Miller Prison Calls Released

Everett Miller is accused of firing and killing two police officers from Kissimme.  Now, the phone calls he made from prison are now released to the public. Everett Miller: No Remorse In those calls, he is talking to family and friends about his life in prison. He proclaims his innocence, and says everything will be […]

drugs in prison epidemic and addiction
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Drugs in Prison: 18 Inmates Hospitalized in Bourbon Prison on a Drug-Related Emergency

Drugs in prison were found in the Bourbon County Detention Center that have taken a toll on 18 inmates. They were hospitalized and the matter is being investigated.  According to Mike Williams, Bourbon County Judge-Executive, they were sent to the hospital on Thursday night as a precaution. They have been reported to be back in prison with […]

It's time to get you and your family prepared for a prison visit this holiday season to let them know you care.
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Visit of Loved Ones May be the Key to Success after Release

While people are incarcerated, it is not often that they get to have something to look forward to like a visit of loved ones. Prisoners and detainees, because of their status, are restricted in their family life. It’s no surprise that a detention facility is a dull place. By far, not a place anyone would ever […]

OJ Simpson was spotted playing golf in Las Vegas after his release. The Juice is back!!!
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O.J. Has First Unpleasant Encounter with Reporter after Prison Release

O.J. Simpson is known by many as the man who bent the justice system. What’s true, is that he is the star of one of the most publicized trials in American history. He was released from Lovelock Prison on Sunday after serving a 9-year sentence for assault and kidnapping. Nevada officials confirmed that the former […]

anthony weiner crying when sentenced
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Famous Prisoners: Paying the Price, Anthony Weiner Sentenced for Sexting

Former New York-based Anthony Weiner was sentenced Tuesday to serve 21 months in jail. He was convicted of sending sexually explicit material to a 15-year-old girl over his phone. No Privileged Justice for Anthony Weiner “It is a serious crime that deserves serious punishment,” Judge Denise Cote said while imposing her sentence. The prosecution had asked […]