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Program Helps Women Prisoners Stay Connected to Prison Kids & Families

Mother’s Day is one of the most challenging days for women prisoners at Grand Valley Institution. Many of the up to 215 inmates are also mothers missing their kids. More than 75% of those incarcerated in the facility are mothers. And more than 50% of were the primary supporters and caregivers to their children upon […]

Kelly Cappello must spend enormous costs for video visits with her son in McHenry County Jail because in-person visits are permanently banned.
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McHenry County Jail’s High Video Visit Fees Prevents Families from Engaging with Loved Ones

Kelly Cappello, whose son is an inmate at the McHenry County Jail, wishes there was any way she can visit with her son face-to-face. Unfortunately, there isn’t. In-prison visits have long been a thing of the past. Several years have elapsed since the McHenry County Jail opted out of in-person visits. Instead, it has required […]

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The Real Experience of Having an Incarcerated Parent

Jessica De la Mora 17, last hugged her dad while she was 16. Since 1993, her dad, Mike De La Mora has been re-imprisoned several times, she knows what its like to have an incarcerated parent. So Mora only used to see her dad when went to visit him. And whenever she felt like holding […]

Joe guidice losing weight in prison
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Joe Giudice Progressing Well In Prison: Getting G.E.D. And Losing 45 Lbs.

Joe Giudice is doing precisely what his wife, Teresa, did when it comes down to staying busy in prison. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” actor is benefiting a lot from being imprisoned. The current Joe is not the Joe you used to see on the reality show. He is slowly but steadily reducing lbs […]

reentry programs
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Here’s A Program Offering Re-Entry Assistance to Incarcerated Parents.

Statistically, Indiana rate of parental imprisonment is the second in America. And that time which is lost in prisons can at times be one of the toughest parts of being behind bars. But one program has emerged in Indiana to serve as a channel to connect the inmates and their families and friends with resources, […]

mental health
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Inadequate Beds for Inmates Requiring Mental Health Assistance

After spending very many days in Harris County Jail, it was finally realized that Roderick Marshall was in the wrong place as there were inadequate beds for inmates who require mental health assistance. But the 49-years-old Houston native had yet another place to waste even more days. Marshal had to spend six months, waiting to […]

robert cassato
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Defy Ventures “Shark Tank”-Style Pitch Competition, New York State Winner

In a room filled with twenty-five high-powered executives, Robert Cassato gave his 3-minute pitch confidently and smoothly from the stage, north of Manhattan for the Defy Ventures competition. Cassato 44, explained his discovery in the area of Homebody Fitness during the recent Defy Ventures’ “Shark Tank”-style pitch competition event. Defy Ventures is an organization that […]

Escape from Blood pirson Ohio State Reformatory Toury
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Mansfield Reformatory Takes ‘Escape From Blood Prison’ Event To Another Level.

Ohio State Reformatory is going to be completely dark with the Escape From Blood Prison Event . It boasts some creepy music playing as actors in ghoulish garb outfits, lurking in the facility. That is what will be taking place this Halloween season during the “Escape from Blood Prison.” Halloween tours usually attract thousands of folks […]

Lincoln County Jail
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Jail Visits Suspended Temporarily Lincoln County Jail

Lincoln County Jail has announced the cancelations of its visits. However, the cancellation is just a temporary one and is expected to last for some few days. The deputy chief Sheriff at Lincoln County says that the result that will come after the temporary incontinences will be particularly beneficial to the inmates. The will be […]

Pharma Bro
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Pharma Bro Shkreli Has Now Discovered Prison ‘Isn’t That Awful’

Club Fed is not as bad as inmate (AKA Pharma Bro) Martin Shkreli thought. Famous Prisoner Shkreli made his discovery clear when he recently sent a letter to his girlfriend. Lisa Whisnant, Shkreli’s friend, revealed that the 34-year-old is now spending his time: Mentoring fellow inmates Reading Playing chess Learning to adapt to sharing a […]