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A man who was under arrest in Westland died after having some kind of medical emergency while in police custody - and police at the jail ignored him, his former inmate claims.
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Former Inmate Accuses Police of Letting Man Die in Cell Hours after Arrest (Video)

An unnamed former inmate at the Westland Police Department has accused the police of insensitivity. A man died in jail Sunday evening just hours after being arrested. Thirty-five-year-old William Marshall was arrested for DUI on Sunday. He died later that night after experiencing seizures. The anonymous source said police ignored Marshall as he groped on […]

A Way Out: Prison Escape Game for Two
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A Way Out: Intriguing New Prison Escape Game (Video)

In the spirit of Prison Break, A Way Out is a collaborative game about prison escape plans. It can be played online or offline between two or more gamers. It is similar to Prison Break in concept. But, it’s main characters are Leo and Vincent, who are not brothers. This co-op game will debut on March […]

Brendan Dassey back in November 2016 looking happy because he thought he was getting out of prison.
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Brendan Dassey: ‘Making a Murderer’ Star’s Publicized Confessions Get Him Life in Prison

A jury ruled 4-3 that ‘Making a Murderer‘ star Brendan Dassey will serve life in prison. His confessions are enough for a life sentence for the murder and mutilation of Teresa Halbach. The jury said his publicized confessions are enough basis to serve life in prison. Dassey is life for Teresa Halbach’s 2005 murder. She was a […]

Excited Delirium Syndrome is a very controversial condition some say doesn't even exist.
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Most Inmate Deaths in Missouri Prisons Remain Unresolved to This Day

Investigating and getting to the roots of inmate deaths in Missouri prisons is almost impossible. This is because of the shroud of mystery surrounding every death incident. Missouri Inmate Michael Lorenzo King: 2011 And the fact that local police are not always called in to investigate prison deaths – the prison authorities do their own internal […]

Nevada inmate firefighters helping to battle California wildfires back in 2014.
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126 Nevada Prison Inmates Deployed to Fight Raging California Fires

A total of 126 Nevada prison inmates – 105 men and 21 women – have been deployed to fight the raging wildfires in southern California. The current wildfire is tagged the Thomas Fire and is currently raging in the Ventura area. About Nevada’s Prison Firefighters According to the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) and the […]

Sacramento Gifts from the Heart Program
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Gifts from the Heart Program: Prisons Give to Make Christmas Special for the Needy

Two CDCR prisons are giving to the needy this Christmas through the Gifts from the Heart program. This community program for prisoners is awesome! FSP & SAC Join the CDCR Gifts from the Heart Community Program for Prisoners The program runs yearly and is set up by the Department of Health and Human Services for […]

Love After Lockup: Prison fiance gets "interrogated" by her friends about her prison love at her bridal shower.
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Love After Lockup TV Series Features Stories of Amazing Prison Loves (Video)

If you watched 90 Day Fiance, then you shouldn’t miss Love After Lockup. It’s about six couples and the prison loves that led to marriage after release. Surprisingly, all of the prison couples met online and/or through prison pen pal services. They were looking for true love. Now, they’re just hoping to make it to […]

A woman visits with a Denver County Jail inmate over video-chat.
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Officials React: Denver Watchdog Petitions Against Video-Only Prison Visitation

The city and county jails in Denver only allow visitors to speak to their incarcerated loved ones via a video console. Families are not allowed to have physical contact with inmates. Visits are video-only. Watchdog Explains Unfairness of Video-Only Prison Visits in Denver One of the Denver jails was intentionally designed that way to make […]

South Dakota Women's Prison
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Christian Women Christmas Concert Generates $1,000+for Prison Church

At least $1,000 has been raised for a prison church by way of a Christmas concert. The church is located within the South Dakota Women’s Prison. The money was raised during a Christmas concert held on Sunday at the First United Methodist Church. The church congregation within the women’s prison is called the Church of Hope. […]

Coweta County Prison's Very 1st Reentry Program Class Graduation
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Georgia Prison Helps Overcome Recidivism through Reentry Classes

Former prison inmates have hard times securing jobs on the outside. Reentry classes help overcome recidivism by preparing them for financial security. Not being able to make a living to support themselves and their families is a major problem. It forces many ex-inmates to go back to crimes. Then they get caught again and land […]