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Experts say we must find ways to end the school to prison pipeline in America.
School to Prison Pipeline

Is There a Way to End the School to Prison Pipeline in America?

Christopher Zoukis is the author of several prison education books. He’s making it his goal to do what he can to end the school to prison pipeline in America. Zoukis says that America is increasingly faced with the problems of kids dropping out of school and graduating into prison facilities, according to This syndrome […]

Lawrence County Jail video video visit kiosks stations
Prison Visits & Issues

Lawrence County Jail: Personal Visits Eliminated for Video Visit Kiosks

Personal face-to-face visits at the Lawrence County jail have been cancelled permanently. Family visits at the facility are now replaced with video conferencing. Video visit kiosks have been set up to this effect. Six video visitation kiosk stations have been installed at the county jail facility in Indiana. They are already functional at the facility […]

School to Prison Pipeline

Miss Black Maryland USA 2017 Announces “Plug the Pipeline” Program

The current Miss Black Maryland USA 2017, Saidah Grimes, has taken her Plug the Pipeline program to the Capital Guardian Youth Challenge Academy in Maryland, DC Military reports. The Plug the Pipeline program seeks to reform the education system in the light of youths accessing the criminal justice system. As part of the program, youths […]

Florida prisons statewide lockdown is finally over.
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Breaking News: Statewide Lockdown Lifted at All 148 Florida Prisons (Video)

TALLAHASEE, Fla. (AP) The Florida Department of Corrections has announced that the statewide lockdown imposed on all Florida prisons is now lifted. All 148 Florida prisons were placed in immediate lockdown last Wednesday when the authorities received an unspecified threat of prison violence. The lockdown was lifted on late Monday afternoon. During the statewide lockdown, […]

Larry used to be a Catholic prisoner. After turning his life over to God, he remarried ex-wife Marilyn.
Prison LovePrison Wives/Girlfriends

Woman Divorces Catholic Prisoner, Then Remarries Him Again

NC Register reports on a Larry Suchy, a Catholic prisoner, whose wife divorced him in prison in 2007. Then, in 2012, she remarried him again. But, it wasn’t without some unpleasant experiences for Marilyn Suchy. Larry had gone to prison and been paroled. And, he had renewed his Catholic faith in prison after being miraculously […]

Life can be hard for prison kids when either of their parents gets incarcerated.
Prison Kids

Experts Say Prison Children Suffer Tragically When Either of Their Parents Gets Incarcerated

Experts have revealed that children tend to suffer more when either of their parents gets incarcerated for committing crimes. The children end up paying steep penalties for the offenses that land their parents in jails and prisons. To this end, social experts point out that the price children pay is more than just being separated […]

Video discusses black women who love prisoners, why and how these prison relationships benefit them.
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Are Black Women Who Love Prisoners Already Damaged Goods? (Video)

A YouTube video suggests that one thing is common with black women who love prisoners behind bars: They are already damaged goods. Each one has been hurt in the past. Women Who Love Men Who Kill Have you always wanted to understand the romantic attraction between many women and prison inmates? Sheila Isenberg is the […]

Santiam Correctional Institution inmates held the first-ever prison suicide prevention walk to take place inside a correctional facility.
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Inmates Organize First-Ever Suicide Prevention Walk Inside Prison (Video)

SALEM, Ore. – KATU News reports that prison inmates successfully organized and carried out an awareness campaign walk inside the Santiam Correctional Institution in Salem. It was a prison suicide prevention walk. This was the first time ever prison inmates would organize a suicide prevention walk inside the confines of a prison facility. (Video at […]

Secret Life of a Prison Wife Video: She shares about having sex with her husband in prison.
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Secret Life of a Prison Wife: Bold Woman Had Sex with Husband in Prison (Video)

“I had sex with my husband in prison” is the bold confession of a Washington woman who runs a YouTube channel called the Secret Life of a Prison Wife. The Secret Life of a Prison Wife YouTube channel is managed by a 42-year-old prison reform activist whose husband is serving a 28-year prison sentence. She […]

Instagram Prison Wives Meme Featuring Rihanna
Prison Wives/Girlfriends

Instagram Prison Wives Use Trending Memes to Laugh Through The Pain

Recently, NewStatesman reported on Makenzie, a prison girlfriend. Using the Instagram name “Texas Prison Wives” she uses trending memes for prison loved ones. This helps keep her sane, while also helping other Instagram Prison Wives. People use the internet for personal and professional reasons. But, some prison wives now use Instagram to create memes to […]