Former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland has been schedued for early release on May 27, 2018. This information is now obvious from the website of the US Bureau of Prisons. The spokesman of the Bureau of Prisons, Justin Long, has also verified the release date but wouldn’t share more details, Hartford Courant reports.

Former Gov. Rowland is incarcerated at the Lewisburg minimum security facility in Pennsylvania. He has already served 11 months out of his 30-month prison sentence.

If he is eventually in May next year, then he will have served a total 19 months out of the 30 month sentence. This would mean he is released about 6 months before his total prison sentence. But he will have to serve out the remaining period in a halfway house.

It Is Not Clear If Rowland Participated In Rehab before Qualification for Early Release

Rowland was convicted for felony before his sentencing. He is qualified for early release because he has been confirmed to have successfully completed a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program offered at Lewisburg. The program makes inmates incarcerated for drug offenses to be released early after participating and completing the drug/alcohol rehab program.

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Spokesman Long would however not comment whether Rowland has participated in the rehab program. It is however on record that the Otisville prison in New York where the former governor was formerly incarcerated does not offer the rehab program. He got transferred to Lewisburg in November 2016.

Another prominent prison inmate whose prison term was reduced for participating in the rehab program is Joseph P. Ganim. Ganim was the former and current mayor of Bridgeport. He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment but got admitted into the rehab program in 2009, after serving six years after out of his sentence. Ganim was incarcerated for public corruption charges.

Rowland Was Convicted For Campaign Fraud, Conspiracy and Obstruction Of Justice

For an offender to be eligible for the rehab program and for early release, he must prove to the courts that he’d been abusing drugs a year before his arrest. Ganim was not allowed to do this before his sentencing because prosecutors argued he had to be closely monitored via constant drug tests to ensure he no longer abused substances.

Rowland is a three-term governor of Connecticut. Prosecutors proved in September 2014 that he was guilty of campaign fraud, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. In March 2015, US District Judge Janet Bond Arterton convicted Rowland and sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment.

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