Programs for formerly incarcerated prison inmates that help them readjust to life outside the gates. These programs help fight recidivism while helping to transform ex-cons into positive forces within society.

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SCI Camp Hill Inmate Found Dead Sunday Morning from Apparent Medical Condition

Officials with the Vermont Department of Corrections say that an inmate at SCI Camp Hill prison facility in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, was found dead early Sunday morning from a medical condition. Roger Brown, 68, appears to have died as a result of an ongoing medical condition, but officials would not comment on what that condition […]

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Defy Ventures “Shark Tank”-Style Pitch Competition, New York State Winner

In a room filled with twenty-five high-powered executives, Robert Cassato gave his 3-minute pitch confidently and smoothly from the stage, north of Manhattan for the Defy Ventures competition. Cassato 44, explained his discovery in the area of Homebody Fitness during the recent Defy Ventures’ “Shark Tank”-style pitch competition event. Defy Ventures is an organization that […]

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New Docu-Series ‘Released’ Explores Challenges of Life After Incarceration

The concept was familiar and yet weird for many in the most recent episode of “Released”– seeing a black man leave the prison after long period of incarceration meet his family and friends before going on to face his new life. This entire episode was captured by a waiting camera crew for the television. It […]
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Noting That Addiction Is A Disease, Should We Jail Those Who Relapse?

Court warned Julie Eldred from using drugs while she was still on probation wondering if she would relapse. But In less than 2-weeks later, examinations found that she’s been using powerful opioid fentanyl. Eldred has critical severe substance use disorder. After testing positive, Eldred spent the next 10-days in jail, Massachusetts until her attorney found […]

Released is the ex-prisoner series by Shaka Senghor. It features the story of ex-inmate Shaka Senghor.
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Oprah Explains How Ex-Prisoner Series ‘Released’ Will Affect Ex-Convicts’ Lives

Oprah Winfrey is a bookworm. And her love for reading books has landed her on an ex-prisoner series by Shaka Senghor known as “Released.” The owner of OWN spent almost a year reading Shaka Senghor’s book: Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison.   Senghor’s story touched Oprah so deep that […]

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Core Civic Private Prisons Refuse Order to Provide Released Inmates with State-Issued IDs

Core Civic Private Prisons are not issuing state-issued IDs to released inmates. And, it is an enormous problem for both the ex-cons and the prison loved ones waiting to start lives with them at home. You have a loved one serving a prison sentence in Tennessee. Your family or friend has served out the prison […]

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Civil Rights Activist Susan Burton to Speak On Formerly Incarcerated Women at CSUN

Susan Burton, the author of “Becoming Ms. Burton” will be speaking at the California State University in Northridge (CSUN). The date is Thursday, September 21 and the time is 2pm to 3:15pm. Ms. Burton is a civil rights activist and a movement builder; and then, a former prison inmate. She will be speaking on the […]

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Ending the Prison to Poverty Pipeline: Improving Families with Jails to Jobs Programs

Ex-convicts often find it very difficult to secure jobs. This difficulty in nailing a job forces them to return to a life of crime. The government however is determined to fight recidivism by providing jobs to ex-prisoners. And a lot of Jails to Jobs programs have been set up in this regard. New York City […]

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Recidivism: Difficulties Ex-Prisoners Face Getting Jobs Lead Them Back To Life of Crime

Facts have emerged that an increasing number of ex-prisoners are having difficult times securing jobs. This is largely because people don’t want to employ or have anything to do with ex-prisoners. Such thought processes are not only affecting ex-inmates and their families. America as a whole is also becoming worse because of it. One of […]