It’s scary to think about the disasters a person’s credit goes through when they go to prison. Learn ways to help your incarcerated loved one repair credit, build credit and maintain credit right now. Help them come home to an excellent FICO score.

With clean credit, your loved one can buy a home within two years of being released from prison.
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Paying Off Credit Debt: The Cons Creditors Don’t Tell You About

Old credit mistakes that reflect on credit reports & scores are points of concern for any borrower. Inmates are no exception when it comes to credit errors. These mistakes have always raised eyebrows. They may end up hurting your imprisoned loved one’s credit scores. So, now is the time to make the relentless effort to […]

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People in Prisons Can Actually Work on Their Credit Now… While Still Inside

If your loved one is scheduled to get out of prison soon, credit will soon become an issue. Help your incarcerated family and friends fix credit issues now, while they’re still locked up. Help Your Incarcerated Family and Friends Fix Credit Issues Not only will they want a car, or possibly need a home, but […]