Staying in touch with your loved ones in prison is not always easy. Here are stories, tips and news related to ways to communicate with incarcerated family, friends and imprisoned pen pals.

Douglas County Jail in Nebraska
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Research: Fairness Required To End Discrimination in Inmate Phone Call Rates

Inmates in the 64-county jails across Nebraska who intend to call their family members or lawyers pay surprisingly different rates per call. The charges vary depending on location, with poor areas seemingly paying more. Research Conducted on Costs of Nebraska County Jail Phone Calls Research was recently conducted in the facilities under the interest of […]

Inmate Mingle helps prisoners find people to date on the outside.
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Inmate Mingle: New Free Mobile Prison Dating App Hits the Scene (Video)

Who would believe there’d be a mobile prison dating app for meeting incarcerated offenders? It’s called Inmate Mingle. And, it’s very popular these days. New Free Mobile Prison Dating App: Inmate Mingle Hits the Scene Inmate Mingle allows incarcerated offenders to chat and possibly date people on the outside for free. Many people love developing […]

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Will Charles Manson’s Body Ever Get to See a Real Grave?

Notorious cult leader Charles Manson in a recent note wrote “I’m not in the best spot to rest in peace.” He signed the handwritten note with his signature. It seems the recently deceased 83-year-old may not rest in peace after all. This is because his body remains unclaimed at the coroner’s office in Kern County, […]

Operation Open Arms: Foster Parents Needed for Children of Incarcerated Parents
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Operation Open Arms Places Children of Incarcerated Parents in Healthy Foster Homes

Operation Open Arms is giving new hope to children of incarcerated parents in need of good foster homes. Stable home-life is something that’s take fro granted when it comes to a prison kid with one or more incarcerated parent. Such efforts help fight the school-to-prison pipeline in US, while nurturing healthy, strong youth. They understand the […]

Hiland Mountain Correctional Center inmate Marchela Fast holds her daughter Alaziah Fast-Detroy before Fast performs her lullaby at the prison in Eagle River on Saturday. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)
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Alaska Program Uses Music to Help Mothers Behind Bars Stay Connected with Their Prison Kids

One Alaska program is helping incarcerated mothers stay connected with their children even while behind bars. It encourages better parenting through music. At the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, the prison hosted it’s 2nd annual Project Lullaby Concert. It’s a program that encourages moms in prisons to be good, loving mothers to their children with the […]

Allen County Jail to Make inmates pay for tablet use
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Tablets Are Now Available for Inmates at the Winnebago County Jail

Inmates at the Winnebago County jail in Rockford, Illinois now have access to tablets that can be used as phones and for approved classes. The inmates can use the tablets between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Inmate Tablets for Winnebago County Jail Detainees The tablets cannot be used to browse the Internet and they don’t have social […]

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Inmates in Northern Illinois County Jail to have Access to Tablets

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) — Prisoners housed at the Northern Illinois jail will get tablets that will function as a phone and for permitted classes. According to reports from the Rockford Register Star, the tablets will be completely functional on Tuesday at the Winnebago County Jail. The tablets won’t have internet browsing features, social media platforms, […]

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Report Suggests American Prisoners Read These 5 Books the Most

Whether you know it or not, many prison inmates love reading books. Some books are approved for reading by prison authorities, and others are not allowed into the facilities because of their content. The most common books allowed help inmates cope with prison life or empower them for release back into the society. Some prisons […]

Beaumont, Texas was underwater during Hurricane Harvey. Its federal prison was underwater too!
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Hurricane Harvey: Texas Prison Inmate Describes Overflowing Toilets & Lack of Water

Hurricane Harvey descended heavily on southeast Texas in late August. The heavy storms prompted thousands of people to evacuate to safer sites. Prison inmates in many facilities were moved to better facilities in other parts of the state. But some prisoners were unlucky enough to be kept inside their cells as the catastrophic flooding raged. […]

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2018 Christmas Gifts for Incarcerated Loved Ones in Prisons and Jails

There are several ways to show that you care and are thinking about incarcerated loved ones during Christmas 2018. One of the major ways is to send Christmas gifts. But, when behind bars, not all gifts are allowed. This is especially true when your family or friend is housed far away, so far their prison […]