These are programs managed by actual prison inmates that help the local community members surrounding the facility. They include donations, services, missions, etc…

Daniel Newkirk (left) and Josh Daniel (right) are Boyle County Detention Center inmates speaking to teens about drugs on the Truth Tour.
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Inmate ‘Truth Tour’ Teaches Teens That Drugs Lead to Jail or Death

Josh Daniel and Daniel Newkirk are inmates at the Boyle County Detention Center in Danville, KY . They are both participating in the Substance Abuse Program, speaking to teens about the effects of drugs as part of the Truth Tour. What Are “Truth Tours” All About? This is a new prison community program started in the Boyle […]

Prison workers put in time to make the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility community garden a success.
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What This Indiana Prison Does to Bring Freshness to the Community (Video)

Monday, US News reported on community pantries being stocked with produce by an Indiana prison. The Wabash Valley Correctional Facility is helping fill food pantries in Indiana area with fresh produce. Indiana Counties the Prison Supplies This particular Indiana prison grows fresh produce and supplies it to community food pantries in the following counties: Sullivan County […]