Children of inmates are referred to as The Forgotten Victims of Crime. They suffer because of the “sins” of their parents, living in their own personal jails. But, as a society, we must reach out to prisoners’ kids to help fight the school-to-prison pipeline and create a better tomorrow.

Televisiting is another form of video chat prison visiting.
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Televisiting… Another Fancy Word for “Non-Contact Visits for Prisoners’ Kids”? (Video)

On Friday, PIX 11 reported on a new type of prison visiting system known as televisiting. One organization is using it to help kids of inmates “visit” their parents. But, some fear this form of video chat prison visiting may be lead to the replacement of in-person visits altogether. Many prisons have already banned in-person […]

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The Lives of Incarcerated Mothers & Their Prison Children

Minor Visitation Crystal’s* face glowed. “My mom is bringing my daughter for visitation tomorrow! Pray that everything will work out, and there wont be any fights that stop visitation.” Crystal had been coming out to jail bible studies for almost a month. Usually her face reflected her depression at her current circumstance. Each week she […]