In 1995, a grant offered monetary rewards to US prisons that successfully increased their populations. This, and other such measures, has led to an epidemic that substantially increases the number of people incarcerated in America. We report on mass incarceration issues.

children of ncarcerated parents
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Nine-Point Resolution Seeks Help for Children of Incarcerated Parents in Nebraska Prisons

The Department of Corrections state that there are nearly 9,000 inmates in state prisons in Nebraska, and that almost two-third of these inmates account have children of incarcerated parents. This revelation underscores the fact that innocent children are the real victims when parents get incarcerated in local jails or state/federal prisons. This report encouraged Sen. […]

prisoners release
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Justice Reform: 1,400 Prison Inmates to Be Released November in Louisiana

A new wave of criminal justice reform measures is sweeping across Louisiana. Legislators passed the reforms and 1,400 prison inmates stand to benefit first from it. They will be released from prison in November earlier than they deserve. These offenders will be freed on November 1. The Louisiana Legislature and state Gov. John Bel Edwards […]

reentry programs
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Here’s A Program Offering Re-Entry Assistance to Incarcerated Parents.

Statistically, Indiana rate of parental imprisonment is the second in America. And that time which is lost in prisons can at times be one of the toughest parts of being behind bars. But one program has emerged in Indiana to serve as a channel to connect the inmates and their families and friends with resources, […]

mothers in alabama prisons
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AIM Seeks For More Ways to Help Incarcerated Mothers in Alabama Prisons

Established in 1987 to provide helpful programs to incarcerated mothers, the Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) organization is seeking for more ways to help female inmates in Alabama prisons. The not-for-profit organization has several programs geared towards helping incarcerated women connect with their families and live successful lives outside when released. Based in Montgomery, AIM […]

New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility
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How the Over-Incarceration Of Nonviolent Women Really Hurts Society

The Atlantic recently sponsored the first national meeting on the criminal justice system. It’s a forum called Defining Justice, and it deals with the over-incarceration of nonviolent women. The forum, which occurred Oklahoma City, was the first among the three forums to be hosted. The arrangement was necessitated in collaboration with: Reveal from The Center for […]

Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola Chapel Gathering
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Criminal Justice Overhaul: Louisiana to Release 1,400 More Inmates Early 

The state of Louisiana will likely release roughly 1,400 additional state prisoners on November 1 due to the criminal justice overhaul taking effect that month. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and the State Legislature approved the criminal justice reform in June. The law changes will retroactively shorten criminal sentences for qualified prisoners. The Department of […]

Early Prison release
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Latest Updates on Early Prison Releases for CDCR’s Nonviolent Second-Strikers (NVSS)

In Jan 2015, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) started a new process of determining parole and early prison releases. This was after a federal court directed California to reduce overcrowding in prison. As a result, the inmates characterized as being Nonviolent Second-Strikers (NVSS) qualified for early parole. And in November 2016, nonviolent prisoners […]

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones stands next to a sign he created that says, "Illegal Aliens Here."
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Butler County’s New Law Means NO Prison Time for Non-Violent Offenders

A new law in Ohio State provides that low-level, non-violent offenders in Butler County could go to jail rather than being sentenced to prison. This new law will take effect July 2018. Low-Level, Non-Violent Offenders Get Break in Butler County Fifth degree felony such as burglary, drug related offenses, and some other non-violent offenders would be […]

Occupy4Prisoners: The Injustice System on Trial
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Lehigh Students Create App to Simplify Mass Incarceration for the DOC

Thanks to an incredible group of Lehigh students, prison intake processes are now much simpler for Pennsylvania DOC. But, is this another way to simplify mass incarceration? The Intake Process for Pennsylvania Department of Corrections The students’ contribution has significantly assisted the Pennsylvania prison system in streamlining the process of mass incarceration. Typically, the Pennsylvania Department of […]

Scene from OWN Docuseries 'Released'
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New Docuseries ‘Released’ Explains How Mass Incarceration Effects Black Families

Oprah Winfrey is illuminating the damaging aftermath of mass incarceration on Black families in a new OWN docuseries entitled, “Released.” She’s teamed up with ex-inmate Shaka Senghor, who became an author and motivational speaker after her own release from prison. The Team Behind the OWN Docuseries ‘Released’ The OWN docuseries revolves around six men and women who […]