In 1995, a grant offered monetary rewards to US prisons that successfully increased their populations. This, and other such measures, has led to an epidemic that substantially increases the number of people incarcerated in America. We report on mass incarceration issues.

Earlier 2017, 50 detainees went on hunger strikes in NWDC protesting horrid living conditions.
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Horrid Conditions Lead to Lawsuit Against Washington’s Only Private Prison

The Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) located in Tacoma, WA houses people awaiting civil immigration hearings or deportations. It is the State of Washington’s only private prison. Recently, the company that manages the for-profit prison, GEO Group, was served with a lawsuit from the Attorney General’s office. Washington’s Only Private Prison Becomes Target of Private Prison Lawsuit […]

Mental Courts Should Handle Mentally Ill offenders... NOT prisons.
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Studies Show Prison Makes Mentally Ill Inmates Become More Unstable Criminals

Several studies point to the fact that prisons do not help mentally ill offenders in any way. The studies show further that mentally ill inmates become worse off. This increases recidivism. This means they often return more to prison and the government end up spending more to increase them. One of these studies was carried […]

Susan Burton (left), Founder of a New Way of Life Foundation
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Ex-Prison Mom Uses Past to Fight Recidivism in the American Justice System (Video)

Susan Burton advocates for the end of mass incarceration after spending years incarcerated herself. Now, she uses what’s she’s learned as an ex-prison mom to fight recidivism in the American justice system. She shares how the traumatic death of her 5-year-old kid launched a chain of events which led her in and out of prison […]

J. Cole visited San Quentin State Prison to discuss mass incarceration, which he addresses in his album 4 Your Eyez Only.
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Mass Incarceration: San Quentin Inmates Get Prison Visit from Rapper J. Cole

J. Cole is doing to make a powerful statement when it comes to mass incarceration. He addresses the topic repeatedly on his platinum album 4 Your Eyez Only. It was obvious that this subject is near and dear to his heart by the way he kicked off the arena leg of his tour. The Hip […]

In 2013, the state of Pennsylvania made the decision to close multiple schools, but continued investing in state prisons.
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Does Your State Spend More Money to Incarcerate Than to Educate?

According to a new Department of Education report, released earlier this month, local and state jail and prison spending has increased over three times quicker since 1990 than school spending. Some states have spent more on building prisons and maintaining prisons than others. But, the amount of states turning a blind eye to the long-term […]

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CA Prisoners Started Being Transferred to CA County Jails

CA Prison Transfers Started Monday Last Monday, October 3rd, CDCR began transferring California state prisoners to California county jails across the state.  CA Prisoners who were transferred, were sent to county jail facilities local to their home towns. Upon release, they will be released to the custody of local county probation officers. This is a […]