There are issues within the US prison system that directly affect the lives of their loved ones on the outside. We are not advocates for prisoners. We are advocates for their loved ones. We report on the issues that cause stress and excitement in the lives of the family and friends of inmates.

School to Prison Pipeline

Miss Black Maryland USA 2017 Announces “Plug the Pipeline” Program

The current Miss Black Maryland USA 2017, Saidah Grimes, has taken her Plug the Pipeline program to the Capital Guardian Youth Challenge Academy in Maryland, DC Military reports. The Plug the Pipeline program seeks to reform the education system in the light of youths accessing the criminal justice system. As part of the program, youths […]

Florida prisons statewide lockdown is finally over.
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Breaking News: Statewide Lockdown Lifted at All 148 Florida Prisons (Video)

TALLAHASEE, Fla. (AP) The Florida Department of Corrections has announced that the statewide lockdown imposed on all Florida prisons is now lifted. All 148 Florida prisons were placed in immediate lockdown last Wednesday when the authorities received an unspecified threat of prison violence. The lockdown was lifted on late Monday afternoon. During the statewide lockdown, […]

New prison program allows dads in prison to spend more time with their kids.
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New Prison Program Gives Dads More Time with Their Children

SHREVEPORT La. (AP) The Caddo Parish sheriff’s office has teamed up with Sci-Port to develop a new prison program for kids. It gives inmate dads more time with their children. This merge creates the Re-entry Program. It provides a unique opportunity for imprisoned fathers to meet their children, bond, and to further spend time with them […]

Santiam Correctional Institution inmates held the first-ever prison suicide prevention walk to take place inside a correctional facility.
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Inmates Organize First-Ever Suicide Prevention Walk Inside Prison (Video)

SALEM, Ore. – KATU News reports that prison inmates successfully organized and carried out an awareness campaign walk inside the Santiam Correctional Institution in Salem. It was a prison suicide prevention walk. This was the first time ever prison inmates would organize a suicide prevention walk inside the confines of a prison facility. (Video at […]

Reading Together: GTL now offers a prison book service for inmates and their loved ones called JPlay.
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Free Prison Book Service, JPlay Helps Prisoners Escape & Connect with Loved Ones

Recently, PRWeb reported on an announcement made by IMT Globalet LLC. It announced the release of its new JPlay, a free prison book service. This company is known to inmates and prison loved ones as simply Global Tel Link or GTL for short. JPlay Prison Ebook Service: About Global Tel Link AKA GTL Global Tel Link is an inmate calling […]

One New Mexico private prison is threatening to close permanently if authorities don't bring them more inmates fast.
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New Mexico Private Prison Demands ‘More Inmates Now” Or Else (Video)

Last week, a YouTube video was posted that suggests private prisons in smaller cities are demanding more inmates. One New Mexico private prison is threatening to shut down if more prisoners don’t check it soon. (Video at bottom of page) A private prison in Estancia, New Mexico, is threatening to shut down in the next […]

Tricia Cooper attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself at Luzerne County July 25. She died the following week.
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Relatives Distraught After Inmate Commits Suicide in Luzerne County Prison

Another inmate has committed suicide in Luzerne County Prison, according to Times Leader. Her family members are distraught and demanding answers. The latest death recorded at Luzerne County Prison was a ruled a suicide. And, both family members of the deceased and county officials are seeking answers over what actually happened. There have been eight […]

Aaron Hernandez's Suicide Note written to his fiance Shay.
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Famous Prisoners: Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Sheds Light on Prison Suicide Epidemic

There’s mystery surrounding the recent death of one former New England Patriot. Aaron Hernandez’s suicide has cast an entirely new light on the prison suicide epidemic that is overtaking institutions all over America and the world. Aaron Jose’ Hernandez seemingly had it all! He was a rising Football star that had been a tight-end for […]

Senator Cory Booker and ex-prison mom Tiheba Bain
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Video: Ex-Prison Mom on Difficulties of Parenting Children from Behind Bars

This week, Bustle posted a video featuring Senator Cory Booker and ex-prison mom Tiheba Bain. She talked about just how hard it is when parenting children from behind bars, something many on the outside take for granted. Ex-Prison Mom: It’s Extremely Hard Parenting Children from Behind Bars Tiheba Bain is an ex-prison mom. She served over […]

Luzerne County Coroner says inmate Brooke Griesing committed suicide by hanging herself in her Luzerne cell.
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Luzerne County Coroner Makes Determinations on Deaths of Two Inmates in County Jail

Last week, Times Leader reported on the Luzerne County Coroner’s determinations on the deaths of two inmates in the county jail. One was drug-related. The other was a prison suicide. Luzerne County Prison in Pennsylvania has had a lot of inmate deaths. Most of them have been caused by suicide. Statistics on attempted prison suicides […]