Recidivism is the tendency for a prison inmate to be released, reoffend and return to prison again. This is a major prison system issue in America. Celebrities, advocates and prison loved ones are fighting hard to put an end to it. We report on these people and their initiatives and struggles.

The North Charleston Police Department implemented Project S.T.A.N.D (Stop and Take A New Direction) aimed at fighting recidivism.
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Re-Entry Programs Needed to Reduce Recidivism & Overcrowding in Colorado Prisons

The Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) is working assiduously to depopulate its prisons. It is setting up a re-entry program that fights recidivism. This program is for prison inmates and those awaiting release back into the general society. The ultimate aim is to empower inmates for gainful employment right inside the prison facility before they are […]

Hundreds showed up to protect at the #FreeMeekMill rally, including some high profile celebrities, activists, supporters and fans.
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Hundreds of Supporters Sing Meek Mill Song ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ At Rally

After a judgement of 2-4 years in prison for rapper Meek Mill, hundreds of high profile activists, celebrities and supporters took to streets to protest, singing Dreams and Nightmares. Dreams and Nightmares: Meek Mill Seems to Be Living His Own Version Mill’s fans and music colleagues held a rally to show him support by singing Dreams and […]

Mark Zuckerberg is doing his part to push prison reform that fights recidivism.
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Mark Zuckerberg Supports Ex-Prisoners; Lobbing for Extensive Prison Reforms

Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is supporting ex-prisoners to push for extensive prison reforms across the United States. The social media billionaire is doing this under the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (ZKI), a non-profit set up with his wife. The conservative ex-prisoners are lobbying the Congress to initiate reforms across federal prisons. Prison laws have […]

Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN)
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Formerly Incarcerated People Face Serious Challenges Trying to Create Better Lives

Getting out of jail is, for most, a clean slate. It’s chance to start over, to do good, to become someone who makes a mark on society. But, formerly incarcerated people face some serious challenges starting new lives outside the prison gates. What they don’t know is while they are ready to move on in life, […]

College-in-Prison Program for Women Inmates of Cuomo
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Education Justice Program Gets $1 Million Grant to Expand College-in-Prison Program

The Education Justice Program (EJP) at the University of Illinois will expand its academic programs for incarcerated people thanks to a three-year, $1 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It’s to establish a College-in-Prison program. What is the College-in-Prison Program? EJP provides a comprehensive college-in-prison program to those incarcerated at the Danville Correctional Center. […]

vocational village in jackson
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(VIDEO) Gov. Rick Snyder Tours Vocational Village with Hopes of Stopping Recidivism

Governor Rick Snyder was recently at the Vocational Village at the Parnall Correctional Facility in Jackson. He toured the vocational center to see what facilities are on ground to discourage released inmates from returning to prison. The newly opened Vocational Village was established to teach inmates various work trades. Opened on August 30, the new […]

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Courtney Pollard: Road to Recovery After Prison

Courtney Pollard is a 38 year old woman. She is a mother of 5 and a grandmother. Pollard sings at the Redemption Church. She feels peaceful and the congregation accepts her and appreciates her singing. Courtney Pollard: Her Incarceration Pollard served a 7 year sentence grand larceny, escape and drug possession charges. Courtney Pollard: Other […]

Shaka Senghor Oprah
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New Docu-Series ‘Released’ Explores Challenges of Life After Incarceration

The concept was familiar and yet weird for many in the most recent episode of “Released”– seeing a black man leave the prison after long period of incarceration meet his family and friends before going on to face his new life. This entire episode was captured by a waiting camera crew for the television. It […]

Financial reality Fair
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Pennsylvania Seeks to Reduce Inmate Recidivism through Financial Education

On October 14, five simultaneous Financial Reality Fairs will take place in five cities in Pennsylvania; one of the first programs in the US, the fair is aimed to reduce inmate recidivism through financial education. The Financial Reality Fair was announced on October 5 at the headquarters of the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU). […]

Longview is doing its part to help reduce recidivism for mentally ill patients.
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Longview Teams Up to Reduce Recidivism for Mentally Ill Inmates and Patients in Local Jails & Hospitals

Gregg County Wellness Collaborative is a joint effort with Community HealthCore to help reduce recidivism for mentally ill inmates and patients in local hospitals and within the jail systems in Longview, Texas. All the stakeholders share the same mission: to break cycle of recidivism for mentally ill prisoners in the local emergency care and legal systems. […]