Recidivism is the tendency for a prison inmate to be released, reoffend and return to prison again. This is a major prison system issue in America. Celebrities, advocates and prison loved ones are fighting hard to put an end to it. We report on these people and their initiatives and struggles.

OITNB Mother-Daugther Prisoners Dayanara Diaz and Aleida Diaz Mugshots
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OITNB Reminds Us What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison

On Monday, I published a report entitled “OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids.” This is part 2 of that report… OITNB Reminds Us What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison Read Part 1: OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids When mom goes to prison, being separated […]

Released When Does the Sentence End
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‘Released’ Brings Prison Families & Officials Together to Celebrate Hope (Video)

Just recently U.S. Attorney John Horn, Gov. Nathan Deal, and former inmates gathered to celebrate a documentary: Released: When Does The Sentence End? Also present were clergy, business and nonprofit heads who are working to assist in preparing inmates for jobs upon their release. All the stakeholders above were featured in the documentary: Released: When […]

San Quentin Computer Coding Program Students
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California Prisons Attempt to Lower Recidivism Rates with Computer Coding Program

A computer coding program turned out to be a success for the men at San Quentin State Prison (SQ). So, in an effort to lower recidivism rates, the program is now available to the inmates of the California Institution for Women (CIW). The inmate computer coding program was initiated by The Last Mile (TLM), a […]

Susan Burton (left), Founder of a New Way of Life Foundation
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Ex-Prison Mom Uses Past to Fight Recidivism in the American Justice System (Video)

Susan Burton advocates for the end of mass incarceration after spending years incarcerated herself. Now, she uses what’s she’s learned as an ex-prison mom to fight recidivism in the American justice system. She shares how the traumatic death of her 5-year-old kid launched a chain of events which led her in and out of prison […]

Common visited 4 CDCR prisons during his Hope & Redemption Prison Tour.
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Watch: Common Uses ‘Hope & Redemption Prison Tour’ To Fight for Prison Reform (Video)

As a way to fight for prison reform, Common teamed up with producer Scott Budnick, the Anti-Recidivism Coalition and the California Endowment to tour four California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation prisons in the Hope & Redemption Prison Tour. Video: The Hope & Redemption Prison Tour – Excessive Sentencing Earlier this year, Hip Hop star Common visited […]

New prison program allows dads in prison to spend more time with their kids.
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New Prison Program Gives Dads More Time with Their Children

SHREVEPORT La. (AP) The Caddo Parish sheriff’s office has teamed up with Sci-Port to develop a new prison program for kids. It gives inmate dads more time with their children. This merge creates the Re-entry Program. It provides a unique opportunity for imprisoned fathers to meet their children, bond, and to further spend time with them […]

Reading Together: GTL now offers a prison book service for inmates and their loved ones called JPlay.
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Free Prison Book Service, JPlay Helps Prisoners Escape & Connect with Loved Ones

Recently, PRWeb reported on an announcement made by IMT Globalet LLC. It announced the release of its new JPlay, a free prison book service. This company is known to inmates and prison loved ones as simply Global Tel Link or GTL for short. JPlay Prison Ebook Service: About Global Tel Link AKA GTL Global Tel Link is an inmate calling […]

Prison Family Report: DajuanFirstClass and his niece Ameera on a well deserved prison visit.
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Open Your Home to a Prison Family… It Helps in So Many Ways

Being kind to a prison family is helpful in numerous ways. Research has shown over the years, that the presence of families during prison visits helps the inmates’ condition, psychologically and behavioral. Prison Visits Help Recidivism Being connected to their prison families improves inmate performance, inside the prison and eventually when they get released. One […]

Bristol County Jail Bans In-Person Prison Visits
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The Cruel, Profitable Policy of Banning In-Person Prison Visits for Inmates (Video)

The first correctional facility in the U.S. to ban in-person prison visits was Bristol County Jail and House of Correction in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. In-person visits were banned, requiring visitors to pay for video calls instead. Rates and time available to make the calls vary around the country. For example, at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility, […]

Olivia Francis of St. Elizabeth Shows Letters Made by Her Team for Restorative Justice Program. (Photos by Julio Escobar)
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Restorative Justice: Catholic Teens Send Cards to Prisoners

Restorative justice is a big issue in America these days. It’s an important factor that could help stop the Revolving Door to Prison crisis. And, if done correctly, it could also help bring healing to victims of crime, while helping them reintegrate with society. That’s why 80 Catholic high school students from Oregon, Nevada and […]