The US school-to-prison pipeline represents the increasing pattern of juveniles coming in contact with the criminal justice system. School police and zero tolerance laws treat these minors like adults, making it hard for them to succeed. We report on these issues.

Fite Film
School to Prison Pipeline

FITE Film Features Prison to University Success Stories

“Inmates can rise above their criminal records.” This is the beautiful message of FITE film, which premiered at the University of California, Berkeley on October 12. FITE (From Incarceration to Education) is a documentary that narrates the way to success in higher education of four previously incarcerated UC Berkeley students. FITE FILM: Success Stories of […]

The School to Prison Pipeline
School to Prison Pipeline

Eight Forum in “Pipeline to Prison” Series Focuses on Juveniles in Adult Prisons

Local groups in Florida have collaborated to unveil the eight program in their “Pipeline to Prison” series of community forums. Titled “Florida Law and the Effect of Adult Incarceration of Youths,” the latest forum was presented on October 16 at Franco’s Italian Restaurant on Gregory Street. The program featured a panel discussion about the large […]

School to Prison Pipeline

University of Iowa Kicks Off Prison Speaker Series, Plans College-In-Prison Program

The University of Iowa kicked off its prison speaker series on September 18. The UI Speakers Series at Oakdale is a pilot certificate program, “college in prison program” consisting of 10 weekly sessions. Thirty-three offenders at the Iowa Medical & Classification Center have qualified for the program. Through this initiative, the flagship public research university […]

criminal justice
School to Prison Pipeline

California Governor Gives Juvenile Murderers Chance at Parole after Serving 25 Years

California Governor Jerry Brown is making it possible for juvenile murderers to get paroled after serving 25 years. Murderers are usually given life sentences, but those that killed during their teens will have a chance at parole. This reform is coming on the heel of many criminal justice bills the governor signed into law on […]

school to prison pipeline
School to Prison Pipeline

Current Issues with School-To-Prison Pipeline and Why Black Girls Are Mostly Affected

The school-to-prison pipeline concept refers to issues that take youths from schools into prison cells. It refers to how school displinary and law enforcement policies “connive” to push kids from schools into prisons. But this has gone beyond being a coined term, it is now a trend that is consuming youths and costing the government […]

Mugshots of White Boy Rick: Juvenile (left),l Adult (right)
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Growing Up in Prison: Controversial Story of White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick, or rather, Rick Wershe, was 17 years old when he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was caught with over 650 grams of cocaine. He is today the longest serving juvenile drug offender in all of Michigan. The story of Wershe is one of controversy and mob deals against police involvements. The […]

The location of Adirondack Correctional Facility is too remote for most 16 & 17-year-old prisoners to receive regular visits.
Prison KidsSchool to Prison Pipeline

Revamped Adult Prison Coming for New York’s 16 & 17-Year-Old Prisoners

Soon, 16 and 17-year-old prisoners in New York will have their own prison facility. By fall 2018, they will be housed at Adirondack Correctional Facility. It’s located in a popular resort area in the mountain range of northeastern New York State. Located between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, the Adirondacks Correctional Facility in Ray Brook […]

Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies
Community Programs for PrisonersSchool to Prison Pipeline

Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies

Sampson Correctional Institution inmates come to the rescue for hundreds of local students in need. They made sure the students all had school supplies, provided through a prison-community initiative. With all the evil that is happening in the world, it’s more than welcomed to hear some good news about the civil and humane things happening in […]

Daniel Newkirk (left) and Josh Daniel (right) are Boyle County Detention Center inmates speaking to teens about drugs on the Truth Tour.
Community Programs for PrisonersSchool to Prison Pipeline

Inmate ‘Truth Tour’ Teaches Teens That Drugs Lead to Jail or Death

Josh Daniel and Daniel Newkirk are inmates at the Boyle County Detention Center in Danville, KY . They are both participating in the Substance Abuse Program, speaking to teens about the effects of drugs as part of the Truth Tour. What Are “Truth Tours” All About? This is a new prison community program started in the Boyle […]

Experts say we must find ways to end the school to prison pipeline in America.
School to Prison Pipeline

Is There a Way to End the School to Prison Pipeline in America?

Christopher Zoukis is the author of several prison education books. He’s making it his goal to do what he can to end the school to prison pipeline in America. Zoukis says that America is increasingly faced with the problems of kids dropping out of school and graduating into prison facilities, according to This syndrome […]