The US school-to-prison pipeline represents the increasing pattern of juveniles coming in contact with the criminal justice system. School police and zero tolerance laws treat these minors like adults, making it hard for them to succeed. We report on these issues.

School to Prison Pipeline

Miss Black Maryland USA 2017 Announces “Plug the Pipeline” Program

The current Miss Black Maryland USA 2017, Saidah Grimes, has taken her Plug the Pipeline program to the Capital Guardian Youth Challenge Academy in Maryland, DC Military reports. The Plug the Pipeline program seeks to reform the education system in the light of youths accessing the criminal justice system. As part of the program, youths […]

In 2013, the state of Pennsylvania made the decision to close multiple schools, but continued investing in state prisons.
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Does Your State Spend More Money to Incarcerate Than to Educate?

According to a new Department of Education report, released earlier this month, local and state jail and prison spending has increased over three times quicker since 1990 than school spending. Some states have spent more on building prisons and maintaining prisons than others. But, the amount of states turning a blind eye to the long-term […]