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Camp Grace brought kids together with the fathers in prison they've never met in person for 5 whole days.
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Camp Grace Gives Prison Fathers 5 Days to Bond with Their Kids (Video)

The Californian published a news report about a program for prison kids called Camp Grace. For five whole days, these children got to connect with their fathers in prison, who they’ve never met in-person…. until now. It was a week of joy and emotional connections when Camp Grace brought children of incarcerated parents together with […]

Prison Mom Celestine Moreland was caught smuggling pot into a Cushing prison to her son Phillip Moreland.
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Prison Mom Admits to Smuggling Pot to Son in Cushing Facility

Celestine Moreland, a 61 year old mother to Phillip Moreland, pleaded guilty to smuggling pot to her son. He is a prisoner at the Cimarron Correctional Facility in Cushing, OK. Tuesday, 1600Kush.com reported on the incident which happened in January 18 2014. Phillips Sentences According to DOC Records: 17 1/2 years at Cimarron Correctional Facility for […]

Chelsea Clinton's Now Infamous Tweet About Girls with Moms in Prisons Gets Mocked on Twitter
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Chelsea Clinton Got These Hilarious Twitter Responses to Her Tweets About Girls with Moms in Prisons

On Saturday, Chelsea Clinton tweeted about a Girl Scout program for girls with moms in prisons. Twitter users responded with some really hilarious memes. The Blaze reported on the incident Sunday morning. Friday, Times Magazine posted a story entitled, “Inside a Girl Scout Program That Brings Kids to Prison to See Their Moms.” According to […]

Televisiting is another form of video chat prison visiting.
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Televisiting… Another Fancy Word for “Non-Contact Visits for Prisoners’ Kids”? (Video)

On Friday, PIX 11 reported on a new type of prison visiting system known as televisiting. One organization is using it to help kids of inmates “visit” their parents. But, some fear this form of video chat prison visiting may be lead to the replacement of in-person visits altogether. Many prisons have already banned in-person […]

Lancaster County Prison's Warden Cheryl Steberger announcing changes in visitation policies.
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Lancaster County Prison’s Drug Counteracting Measures Negatively Impact Prison Visits (Video)

On Tuesday, Lancaster County Prison in Pennsylvania announced upcoming changes due to a number of drug related incidents. The number of drug cases they have handled for the first half of 2017 (13 incidents) is more than half of what they handled in the whole year of 2016 (15 incidents). About 80% to 90% of the […]

Bristol County Jail Bans In-Person Prison Visits
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The Cruel, Profitable Policy of Banning In-Person Prison Visits for Inmates (Video)

The first correctional facility in the U.S. to ban in-person prison visits was Bristol County Jail and House of Correction in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. In-person visits were banned, requiring visitors to pay for video calls instead. Rates and time available to make the calls vary around the country. For example, at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility, […]

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A Prison Wife Worries about Her Upcoming Extended Family Visit

When a loved one is is prison, there is an abundance of new challenges and hurdles that individual and their family must overcome. Extended family visits are a particularly high hurdle if you have children or other family members that wish to accompany you. One mother, Jessica, was concerned about her toddler accompanying her to […]