Prison girlfriends, fiancés and wives make life more bearable for the men and women behind bars. These ladies sacrifice their normal lives to support the men they love, who happen to be prisoners. Read our reports on the prison wives of America.

Love After Lockup: Prison fiance gets "interrogated" by her friends about her prison love at her bridal shower.
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Love After Lockup TV Series Features Stories of Amazing Prison Loves (Video)

If you watched 90 Day Fiance, then you shouldn’t miss Love After Lockup. It’s about six couples and the prison loves that led to marriage after release. Surprisingly, all of the prison couples met online and/or through prison pen pal services. They were looking for true love. Now, they’re just hoping to make it to […]

Prison Visit Pics: RHOA's Sheree Whitfield Reveals Prison Relationship with Tyrone Gilliams
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RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Reveals Prison Relationship with Tyrone Gilliams

Sheree Whitfield of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fuels recent speculations about her love life by confirming she is in love with an incarcerated man. Their prison relationship seems strong. Sheree Whitfield was formerly in a popular, public marriage with Bob Whitfield, the ex-Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle. Her relationship with Bob hit the rocks amidst wide-spread […]

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These Prison Wives Are Credited with the “Sanity” of the Menendez Brothers

The Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, were convicted of murdering their parents 30 years ago. This resulted in them being given life sentences. Both have prison wives who support them and help keep their prison marriages strong. Having being imprisoned in the 90’s, the Menendez Brothers can barely relate to the changes that have occurred […]

Day with Dad: Family visits inmate (trustee) in medium security outdoor execise yard durning twice weeking visitation in the Putnam County Jail in Florida
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Questions You Should Never Ask a Prison Wife Because They Are So Disrespectful

It is okay to want to know about a woman’s husband and marriage. But there are some questions you should never ask woman whose husband is incarcerated in prison. Prison wives are usually sensitive about issues regarding their incarcerated husbands. So, there are some questions to never ask them because they are too personal for […]

Gucci mane wedding
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Keyshia Ka’oir Weds Rapper Gucci Mane; Bares All About Their Relationship

Keyshia Ka’oir wedded rapper Gucci Mane, born Radric Delantic Davis. It was a lavish $1.7 million ceremony in Miami that will remain the talk of the town for some foreseeable future. Both lovers got married on Tuesday, October 17, at the Four Seasons in Miami. Keyshia Ka’oir posted photos of her wedding ceremony on Instagram […]

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El Chapo Henchmen’s Wives: “How We Hid and Spent $2 Billion Drug Money,”

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman had twin brothers who helped him launder drug money to Mexico. They are twin brothers Margarito and Pedro Flores, from Chicago, Illinois. These brothers helped bring down El Chapo who is now at a Manhattan maximum prison. There wives reveal how they hid and spent $2 billion drug […]

Lawsuit Summit County Jail
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Wife of Deceased Inmate Seeks $75,000 Damage Against Summit County Jail

Elizabeth Jordan, has filed a lawsuit against Summit County Jail at the US District Court in Akron for the hanging of her husband, Wayne K. Jordan. Elizabeth is asking for $75,000 in compensation, payment for attorney fees and legal injunction against the Summit County jail. She is suing for the wrongful death of her husband […]

Video Conferencing
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Technical Error in Lawsuit Limits the Hope of Nebraska Prison Inmates Video Conferencing Marriage

Inmates who wished to have a wedding through video conferencing in Nebraska Prison have just received a setback following Nebraska Supreme Court’s ruling. The inmates, Paul Gillpatrick and Niccole Wetherell are both serving murder sentences in different facilities, and had managed to get their marriage request accepted in a lower court. This decision was however […]

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2 Prison Couples Team Up for Smuggling Contraband into Prison for Escapes

Two prison inmates and their prison wives are facing felony charges for conspiring to smuggle in contraband. All four are charged with conspiring to smuggle cellphones and screwdrivers to use in planned prison escapes. The two men are incarcerated at the Center County Correctional Facility in Benner township, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Contraband Mistakenly Placed At the […]

The Menendez Brothers during a prison interview with Barbara Walters.
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Famous Prisoners: Menendez Brothers Not Allowed to Have Sex in Prison

Famous prisoners Lyle and Erik Menendez are not allowed to have sex in prison with their wives. Both are serving life sentences without parole for murdering their parents in 1989. Lyle was 21 years old and Erik was just 18 years old when they fatally shot their parents. The kids’ parents were: Hollywood executive Jose […]