Hundreds showed up to protect at the #FreeMeekMill rally, including some high profile celebrities, activists, supporters and fans.
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Hundreds of Supporters Sing Meek Mill Song ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ At Rally

After a judgement of 2-4 years in prison for rapper Meek Mill, hundreds of high profile activists, celebrities and supporters took to streets to protest, singing Dreams and Nightmares. Dreams and Nightmares: Meek Mill Seems to Be Living His Own Version Mill’s fans and music colleagues held a rally to show him support by singing Dreams and […]

Wanda Barzee and Brian David Mitchell when they were young, in love... and FREE.
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Where Are Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnappers Now?

Remember Elizabeth Smart? Ever wonder where her kidnappers  have been and where they are now? We have the scoop on the past and current prison homes of now infamous and famous prisoners Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee. Capturing 14-Year Old Elizabeth Smart in 2002 In 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was woken up in the room […]

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2018 Christmas Gifts for Incarcerated Loved Ones in Prisons and Jails

There are several ways to show that you care and are thinking about incarcerated loved ones during Christmas 2018. One of the major ways is to send Christmas gifts. But, when behind bars, not all gifts are allowed. This is especially true when your family or friend is housed far away, so far their prison […]

Mary Brunner, mother of Charlie's 3rd son, was never really a mother to her prison child.
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Charles Manson’s 3rd Son with Cult Member was Not a Prison Child (Videos)

At the time of his imprisonment, Charles Manson left behind several children. The Manson Family used to live at a place called Spahn Ranch. There, he fathered his 3rd son, Michael Brunner, with cult member Mary Brunner. Names of Manson’s Biologically Proven Sons There were multiple kids born at Spahn Ranch whose paternity’s are unknown. A few […]

Secret Life of a Prison Wife Video: She shares about having sex with her husband in prison.
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Secret Life of a Prison Wife: Bold Woman Had Sex with Husband in Prison (Video)

“I had sex with my husband in prison” is the bold confession of a Washington woman who runs a YouTube channel called the Secret Life of a Prison Wife. The Secret Life of a Prison Wife YouTube channel is managed by a 42-year-old prison reform activist whose husband is serving a 28-year prison sentence. She […]