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Rae Carruth has never once reached out to the son he paid to have murdered.
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Ex-NFL Player Rae Carruth 11 Months Closer to Freedom & Son He Wanted Dead (Video)

Former NFL player Rae Carruth is scheduled to be released from prison on October 22, 2018. Carruth will have served 19 years in prison by then for conspiring to kill his pregnant baby’s mama, Cherica Adams, in 1999. Adams was shot four times by a gunman named Watkins who confessed in court that he had […]

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Indianapolis Inmate Creates Her Own Re-Entry Program That Helps the Local Community (Video)

Forty-four-year-old Vanessa Thompson has led other women prisoners to solve two problems with the same stroke in Indianapolis. She developed a re-entry program that enables released inmates to renovate abandoned houses with opportunities to also live in them. There are over 10,000 abandoned houses and lots in Indianapolis – yet housing problems send ex-convicts back […]

Devin Patrick Kelley antifascist action
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Texas Church Shooter Devin Kelley Charged With Animal Cruelty Before Killing 26 People (Video)

Devin Patrick Kelley on Sunday opened fire on a church in Texas and killed 26 people. He was a former Air Force employee who had been charged with animal cruelty before. Kelley was also convicted of spousal and child abuse in times past. Today, he’s the latest on our growing list of famous prisoners. The Ugly […]

Oprah's Prison Visit
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The Reason Behind Oprah Winfrey Prison Story Pitch on 60 Minutes (Video)

Oprah Winfrey believes the use of solitary confinement deserves scrutiny, which is why she pitched a story about the topic for this week’s 60 Minutes broadcast. As a Special Contributor, Winfrey details how she ended up in a prison cell at the most notorious state penitentiary in America: Pelican Bay State Prison in California (PBSP). Oprah Winfrey’s Day in […]

oprah winfrey
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VIDEO: Oprah Winfrey to Report on Her Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison on 60 Minutes Sunday

Oprah Winfrey was recently at Pelican Bay State Prison in California. She also visited the renowned Security Housing Unit (SHU) of the facility where tortures are alleged to be carried out. Winfrey will be broadcasting her report on the SHU on 60 Minutes Sunday on October 22 by 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT. […]

rob sullivan
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(VIDEO) Jailed Offenders Were Childhood Victims Long Before They Became Adult Offenders

Histories of several jailed offenders reveal they were victimized in their childhoods long before they became adult offenders. Thousands of prison inmates became prisoners as a direct or remote consequence of their childhood experiences. A case in point is that of 43-year-old Rob Sullivan, who just got released from the Enfield Correctional Institution. Sullivan was […]

KSBY6 Reports on CMC Prison Riot
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1 Inmate Dead, Several Injured Following Prison Riot at CMC (Video)

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) states there was prison riot at the California Men’s Colony (CMC). The prison violence broke out on Sunday and one inmate lost his life in the riot. The deceased has been identified to be Mathew Cook, a 25-year-old inmate serving a 13-year sentence for burglary. Hospital Is […]

Orville Lynn Majors, AKA the Angel of Death, 10 years ago right after his arrest.
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The End of a Serial Killer: Infamous Angel of Death Dies in Prison

Orville Lynn Majors, Jr. was a 43-year-old male nurse when he was sentenced to 360 years in prison in 1999 for six murders. Also known as the Angel of Death, he died at 56 of natural causes, according to autopsy reports. Majors reported difficulty breathing and became unconscious. The Indiana State Prison in Michigan officers […]

Last month, rumors surfaced that Sheree Whitfield had actually married Tyrone Gilliams in a prison wedding ceremony.
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RHOA: Nene Leakes Exposes Sheree Whitfield’s Prison Romance Secrets (Video)

What happens in the dark, will one day come to light. Sheree Whitfield learned this fact in a hard way, when her Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) castmates exposed her prison romance secrets. Sheree wanted to keep her secret prison love as confidential as possible. Even while filming RHOA, everything remained in the dark. But unfortunately, […]