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Shaylene "Light Blue" Graves added to the state's high suicide rates when she took her own life in a CIW prison in 2016.
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Staff Neglect Leads to State’s High Suicide Rates in California Prisons

An audit reveals that the suicide epidemic in California’s state prisons are caused by faulty leadership and oversight practices. This is leading to the state’s high suicide rates. Scott Kernan, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Secretary, defended the CDCR.  Kernan claimed programs such substance abuse and domestic violence counseling, were developed to lower […]

6-out-of-7 prison suicides that occurred among women inmates in CDCR since 2013 occurred at CIW.
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Prison Audit: Why Women Inmates Commit Suicides in California Prisons

A new prison audit has revealed the reasons why more women women inmates commit suicides in California prisons, and what the state can do to halt the worrisome trend. Senator Connie Leyva requested that the prison audit be done when it became apparent that more female inmates committed suicide at the California Institution for Women […]

Susan Burton (left), Founder of a New Way of Life Foundation
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Ex-Prison Mom Uses Past to Fight Recidivism in the American Justice System (Video)

Susan Burton advocates for the end of mass incarceration after spending years incarcerated herself. Now, she uses what’s she’s learned as an ex-prison mom to fight recidivism in the American justice system. She shares how the traumatic death of her 5-year-old kid launched a chain of events which led her in and out of prison […]

Inmate Erika Rocha committed suicide at CIW the day before her youth parole hearing.
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Prison Suicide Statistics at Forefront: Encourage Life Not Death by Suicide

It’s no secret that American’s jails and prisons are among the most dangerous and overcrowded in the world. But news of former NFLer Aaron Hernandez’s suicide in prison highlighted a recent overlooked prison suicide statistics in corrections facilities nationwide. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics: Suicide rates in US prisons are on the […]

Inmate Robert Daidone committed suicide at the Maury Correctional Institution in North Carolina while in solitary confinement.
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North Carolina & California Prisons Hard Hit with Suicides in 2016

Robert Daidone, a prisoner at Maury Correctional Institution in North Carolina was found dead in his cell last Tuesday. The 28-year old makes the state’s 5th prison suicide this year alone. According to The Charlotte Observer, prison authorities are currently investigating Daidone’s death. Daidone was serving time in the Eastern NC DPS facility for various […]

Advocates are trying to get legislation passed that limits the amount of time an inmate can spend in solitary confinement. Wisconsin Department of Corrections solitary confinement cell.
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Activists Take 150-Mile Walk to End Solitary Confinement

On Saturday, dozens of peace activists ended a 150-mile walk to a Northwestern Illinois federal prison. They were protesting solitary confinement, according to the WQAD article: Activists walk 150 miles to protest at Thomson Prison The Walk included about 50 protesters from Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a Chicago-based group. It began on Saturday, May 28th, continued […]

Shaylene "Blue" Graves committed suicide at CIW just six days before her scheduled release.
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Another Inmate Commits Suicide at CIW… Just 6 Weeks before Her Release Date

Erika Rocha and Shaylene “Blue” Graves both committed suicide at CIW this year. Why are there so many suicides at CIW, and what can be done about it? CORONA, Calif. – June 8, 2016 – PRLog — There has been yet another suicide reported at the Correctional Institute for Women in Corona, CA, otherwise known […]