CHARLESTON, SC – An inmate was found dead in his cell on Saturday morning in Charleston County Jail.  The motionless body of Ronald Bernard Norman was found early in the morning a few minutes past 6:00 a.m. Authorities confirmed that the inmate comes from North Charleston.

Authorities confirmed that the man was found dead in his cell by a deputy sheriff making routine checks around the facility. The incident took place at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

Investigators working to unravel the mystery Charleston County Prisoner.

charleston county jailThe deputy sheriff’s office confirmed that investigators have already been called in to unravel the cause of death. The incidence will be investigated by specialists from South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

The Charleston county coroner’s office is yet to reveal the cause of death of the 57 year old man. Once investigations are complete, detectives and Charleston County Coroner’s office is expected to make public details about the cause of death. This is not the first death to occur at the facility. Over the past 6 months two other inmates have died at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center.

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In July, a 28 year old man committed suicide in his cell at the facility. Another Inmate died in August after experiencing health issues. The 31 year old woman died in her cell at the facility.

Charleston County Jail Officials Unsuccessful attempts to bring him back to life

On finding Norman unresponsive, the deputy sheriff called medical staff who tried to resuscitate him but could not manage do it. According to an incident report, medical staff performed CPR but it didn’t bring him back to life. EMS and the Charleston Fire department also responded to the emergency.

Charleston County Deputy Coroner Sara Senn said that Norman died at the facility where he was being held on charges of trespassing. Official records indicate that he was booked at the facility on October 2.

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