This site is possible only because of volunteers and contributors who understand the value of Prison Rideshare Network. Up until now, we have never charged for our prison visitor transportation services. So, it takes an entire team of people willing to work for free to keep this site, our Facebook page and other social media networks operational and engaging. We have also had to run other types of fundraising campaigns to remain operational over the years.

Giving Thanks to Prison Rideshare Volunteers and Contributors

We’d like to give thanks to the following Prison Rideshare Network fundraising campaign contributors and volunteers:

  • Kiesha Joseph
  • Audrey Chatmon
  • Lloyd Dajuan Joseph
  • Derrick Johnson
  • Alejandra Duran
  • Rhonda Clark
  • Linda Fox
  • Yolanda Starks
  • Brittany Starks

Help Us Launch a Customized Prison Carpool App

We’re trying to launch a prison carpool app to make it easy and convenient to find rides to prisons.

At the end of 2014, there were 1,561,500 inmates being held in state and federal correctional facilities in the US. The number of people trying to find rides to prisons to visit them is even more astounding. Our network helps connect them with each other so they can find prison carpool and other transportation services. We are trying to make the site even more efficient by purchasing a customized carpool app so people can easily create and find prison carpools, van pools and other prison rides.

Ways You Can Help

Interested in helping, but just don’t have any extra cash to contribute? Well, there are other ways you can help:

  • Share our campaign on social media, through emails, even phone calls, text messages and letters
  • Help us grow our business directory by referring us to Uber & Lyft drivers, taxi cab drivers, van pool drivers and other professionals willing to help our users get to prisons
  • Register our website and add your prison carpool requests and planned prison trips
  • Send us your prison visit pictures by posting them on Instagram, tagging @prisonridesharenetwork and adding the hashtag #prisonvisitpictures
  • Write content for the Prison Rideshare Network Blog as a guest blogger

Click Here to View Campaign Perks

Click Here to View Campaign Perks