Debt collectors can go to extreme actions to reach your incarcerated loved one. They’ll even call every person they are related to or know in life trying to reach them.

But, you don’t have to take the harassment, whether you’re a prison wife, prison mom, prison husband, prison dad or any other prison loved one.

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The Harassment of Your Imprisoned Loved One’s Bill Collectors

Bill collectors will call an incarcerated person’s husband, children, wife, parents and all other references. And, if you’re related to the inmate, their debt collectors will even call you at your work place trying to reach them.

They extend this madness by being rude, aggressive and ruthless. When they contact you, you have to investigate to find out why they are actually contacting you. Be it a mistake or not.

It might be a small amount of cash or something you cannot pay for your imprisoned loved one at this time. So, what do you do? How do you make them stop calling and harassing you trying to squeeze money from a prison inmate?

Learn how to make your incarcerated loved one's bill collectors stop calling you.

Learn how to make your incarcerated loved one’s bill collectors stop calling you. Image Source: Miami Debt Defense Attorney

Steps to Take Before Paying Your Incarcerated Loved One’s Debts

Majority of the people would prefer paying the bill collectors just to stop being bothered. Due to this, they end up paying illegitimate debts.

To escape the trap of making the fake debt collectors rich, write to the collection agency and inform them in writing to cease contacting you.

The best way to stop debt collectors from calling you trying to find your incarcerated loved one is by giving the collection company a Cease and Desist letter. This letter has the power to stop the calls from the collections agencies.

Your Imprisoned Loved One Has Credit Rights

Mention the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and that the law says they must stop calling you upon receiving the letter. If the debt collector continues to call you, submit a consumer complaint to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Your loved one’s alleged debt will not be cleared. But at least the harassing phone calls will cease. The debt collectors will only get to contact you if they need to inform you that they are planning to take a further action, like filling a lawsuit.

If this process seems wearisome to you, you can hire a credit solutions company for prison inmates. They will provide a helping hand and assist you or your loved one with the Cease and Desist process and other credit repair services for prisoners.

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