One fact most prisoner’s families are aware of is that there are few homely comforts you can send to a loved one that is a prisoner. This is a result of the tedious communication restrictions existing in almost every Jail and prison in the Country.

Although many items are banned in American jails and prison, some are still acceptable. These items can make the average prisoner stay behind bars much more convenient and endurable.

In this article, we covered five excellent items that will significantly make the lives of your loved ones in prison more bearable.

Personal Correspondence: Prisoner Items

The most significant pain of being incarcerated is separation from family and friends. The prison life appears to remove prisoner’s sense of sense or personality, almost subjecting them to deplorable mental state. To curb this, families and friends of inmates can send notes, cards, photos and letters to help them stay in touch with the world outside prison and their personality.

Books: Prisoner Items

Contrary to what most people think, prisoners love books. Books are excellent way of passing the time in the prison. Usually most prisons and jails on the type – hardcover or softcover – and vendor/seller (publisher, distribution or family) of the book. It is advisable to keep the books to five or less per package, soft covers, and to order them from vendors like Amazon, since most prisons accept books from them.

Commissary Money: Prisoner Items

Although the prison provides the prisoners with three meals per day, bar of soap, clothes and beds to sleep in, these are just basic necessities. Most prisoners in American prisons lack hygienic items or stuff that could make their lives significantly easier. A few extra dollars a month can help improve their standard of living.


Magazines are also excellent items for prison loved ones. Any Prisoner will love them because they are a lot easier to read than books. The images and news presented in them can help keep inmates updated with affairs of the outside world, beyond the confines of the prison.


This is a little costlier than the other items but it can provide a remarkable connection to the world outside the prison walls. National papers like USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times are excellent ideas.


Emmanuel Oluwapelumi

Emmanuel O considers himself more of an artist than a writer. He loves reading and writing poetry and fiction, but on other days, he makes music. Emmanuel has written on diverse topics for many websites and is the author of three books his own. Currently, he contributes to, for and about the loved ones of incarcerated people for Prison Rideshare Network nonprofit organization.