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Prisoner’s Fiance: Release Date Changes

Just another delay for a prisoner’s fiance!

On February 20, 2011, I received the tweet below from @madisonghope:

@PrisonDaughter will you share some more? What is a typical visit like with your fiance? When is his “out” date?

Well, @madisonghope, I would like to start by saying that prison visits are very rarely typical. One of the main goals of the CDCR is to make visiting as frustrating and time consuming as possible. This is to discourage us from visiting. As for myself, that will never happen. They can transfer him to an underground prison in Zimbabwe and I would still be there every Sunday, faithfully.

As far as his release date, well, that’s a subject he and I just do not discuss much anymore. Officially, the latest release is January, 2014. But, due to the prison overcrowding conditions in California, many changes have taken place in 2011. The California Prison Reform policies have opened up new categories that will allow many inmates to be released earlier than originally expected.

Prisoner's fiancePrisoner’s Fiance: Getting His Time Cut in the CDCR Prison

The following are some of the categories that he has fallen under that have and may cut his time short and just one more testament that it is difficult to be a prisoner’s fiance:
  • He has never been written up, which caused them to recalculate his “good time.” (Yes, “good-time” is back!)
  • He’s a Level 1 prisoner, who actually works off the grounds. As time goes on, more L1 prisoners may be released early, as these prisoners are not considered to be “threats to society.”
  • He has already completed 70% of his maximum sentence. If overcrowding persists, the percentage of time serve may have to be lowered.
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So far, in 2011 alone, my baby has received two notices informing him of new expected release dates, totaling about 15 months off of his time. He is also due to see his counselor for his annual review in the upcoming weeks. According to guards whose opinions he trusts, his counselor will probably give him even more time off and/or “good-time credits” due to his Level 1 status and good behavior.

Now, with all that said, I will just say that he will be home sooner that we both anticipated. We have both agreed not to actual start calculating until he speaks to his counselor later this month. Our idea is that if the counselor deducts even more time, not that would be very exciting to calculate!

  • Hey just wanted to say like your blog and am following it. I've got a husband in prison, he will be out in 2015 and has been gone since 2008. We are in VA, it isn't always easy but I believe our bond is strong enough to make it over this bump in our road. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime