Memorial for Dylann Roof's victims of the Charleston church shooting.
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Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Pens Letter from Prison (Video)

A letter written from prison by Dylann Roof, the Charleston church shooter shows he could care less about killing nine Black people in 2015. The now-famous prisoner has no remorse for his heinous crimes. The Crimes of Dylann Roof Roof shot and killed nine African Americans during a church service in Charleston two years ago. […]

Lyle Jeffs Fraud Case 2016
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Former Polygamous Leader to Spend 5-Years in Prison for Welfare Fraud

After about two years of court battle, Lyle Jeffs, a former leader of a polygamous sect, has finally been sentenced to five-year prison for: Stealing from a food stamp scheme Escaping home confinement while awaiting trial In the case, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints member was accused of withdrawing approximately $11 […]

Lyle Jeffs has been sentenced and will soon become a famous prisoner.
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Leader of Utah Polygamous Church Sentenced to 57 Months for Food Stamp Fraud

Lyle Jeffs, leader of the polygamy group Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah was sentenced to 57 months in a federal prison. Jeffs was convicted of defrauding the government in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the US food stamp program. He was also nailed for running away from the […]

Brendan Dassey back in November 2016 looking happy because he thought he was getting out of prison.
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Brendan Dassey: ‘Making a Murderer’ Star’s Publicized Confessions Get Him Life in Prison

A jury ruled 4-3 that ‘Making a Murderer‘ star Brendan Dassey will serve life in prison. His confessions are enough for a life sentence for the murder and mutilation of Teresa Halbach. The jury said his publicized confessions are enough basis to serve life in prison. Dassey is life for Teresa Halbach’s 2005 murder. She was a […]

Prison Visit Pics: RHOA's Sheree Whitfield Reveals Prison Relationship with Tyrone Gilliams
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RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Reveals Prison Relationship with Tyrone Gilliams

Sheree Whitfield of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fuels recent speculations about her love life by confirming she is in love with an incarcerated man. Their prison relationship seems strong. Sheree Whitfield was formerly in a popular, public marriage with Bob Whitfield, the ex-Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle. Her relationship with Bob hit the rocks amidst wide-spread […]

True Crime
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Top 10 True Crime TV Shows, Movies & Books That Shaped 2017 (Video Clips)

In the spirit of our Famous Prisoners series, here is a list of 10 of the best true crime TV shows, movies and books for 2017. Watch out for these hits in 2018. Top 10 List of True Crime TV Shows, Movies & Books for 2017 This year is almost gone, and will soon become history. […]

Remy Ma & Papoose on a Prison Visit
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American Rappers Employ Hip-Hop Lyrics to Raise Awareness for Incarceration Injustices (Part 2)

2 part series: Black entertainers, such as Hip Hop rappers and movie producers, have resorted to using their crafts to harp on justice equality and prison reform across the United States. They relate to the Black community and other minority groups. Click Here to Read Part 1 Several of these Hip Hop artists have been sentenced […]

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Will Charles Manson’s Body Ever Get to See a Real Grave?

Notorious cult leader Charles Manson in a recent note wrote “I’m not in the best spot to rest in peace.” He signed the handwritten note with his signature. It seems the recently deceased 83-year-old may not rest in peace after all. This is because his body remains unclaimed at the coroner’s office in Kern County, […]

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Charles Manson Dead: How CDCR Deals with Sick Inmates

How does California deal with sick inmates such as Charles Manson? Initially, people who are in prison have a health service made up of doctors, nurses and therapists – but what do they really do with sick inmates like charles manson . When an inmate worrisome symptoms, he (in the same circumstance of Charles Manson) […]

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Breaking News Famous Prisoners: Charles Manson Dead at 83

One of the most famous prisoners of all time, Charles Manson has died at age 83 of natural causes in a California hospital near the prison that has served as his home for more than 45 years. The head of the Manson Family was found guilty in 1971 of orchestrating the murders of seven people, […]