Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN)
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Formerly Incarcerated People Face Serious Challenges Trying to Create Better Lives

Getting out of jail is, for most, a clean slate. It’s chance to start over, to do good, to become someone who makes a mark on society. But, formerly incarcerated people face some serious challenges starting new lives outside the prison gates. What they don’t know is while they are ready to move on in life, […]

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Singapore Prison Inmates Become Fathers, Husbands and Sons Again On Open Visit Day

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) has organized an open visit day for inmates at the Tanah Merah Prison. The event was a 4-hour program for prison inmates to reconnect with their friends and families. The main objective of the program was to heal broken relationships between inmates and families. Some of the Singapore Prison inmates even […]

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New Docu-Series ‘Released’ Explores Challenges of Life After Incarceration

The concept was familiar and yet weird for many in the most recent episode of “Released”– seeing a black man leave the prison after long period of incarceration meet his family and friends before going on to face his new life. This entire episode was captured by a waiting camera crew for the television. It […]

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Core Civic Private Prisons Refuse Order to Provide Released Inmates with State-Issued IDs

Core Civic Private Prisons are not issuing state-issued IDs to released inmates. And, it is an enormous problem for both the ex-cons and the prison loved ones waiting to start lives with them at home. You have a loved one serving a prison sentence in Tennessee. Your family or friend has served out the prison […]