Be the angel in their lives by contacting your incarcerated family and friends this holiday season with letters, cards, prison visits and more.
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Contacting Your Incarcerated Family and Friends This Holiday Season (Part 1)

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations are almost upon us. Prison inmates need feel like they are parts of the celebrations. There are various ways of contacting your incarcerated family and friends this holiday season. Getting in touch and staying connected with loved ones prisons is very important during the holiday. They will appreciate it […]

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Veteran Cannabis Smoker Spends Her Life Writing Letters to Inmates Serving Life for Marijuana

Deedee Kirkwood can rightfully be termed a veteran marijuana smoker. She is 68 years old but has been smoking cannabis for 50 years. She said she was lucky she did not end up in jail because she started smoking pot when it was still illegal in California. Medical marijuana was only legalized in the state […]

Letters to prison inmates can actually help to make time much more bearable.
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Prison Inmate Writes: ‘Letters Are Always Appreciated’

“Letters are always appreciated,” one prison inmate writes in a letter to Prison Rideshare Network. Dajuan Joseph, an inmate at a CDCR prison in Calipatria, CA, sent us a letter this week telling us how much he loves receiving letters. From behind bars, Joseph told Prison Rideshare Network that prisoners love to get letters from […]