Offender Monnek Hall, left, spends time with her daughter Ayona Hall, age 13..
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Girl Scouts Beyond Bars: Prison Daughters Get Special Visits with Their Incarcerated Moms

Prison kids are apparently the ones who suffer the most when their parents are incarcerated. Girl Scouts Beyond Bars helps these Forgotten Daughters of Crime bond with their incarcerated moms. A Young Girl’s Prison Visit with Her Mom Behind Bars They are denied their right to dedicated biological parenting which is a disservice to a society looking to […]

Dinner Table
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Prison Moms Dread Thanksgiving While Missing Nonviolent Drug Offender Children (Video)

This wasn’t the best of Thanksgiving feasts for families who have loved ones behind bars. For these prison moms, looking at empty seats made it that much more dreadful. A New Path: Program for Prison Mothers The feasting tables were empty and chairs upturned since persons that would have filled them remain incarcerated. Several groups […]

Hiland Mountain Correctional Center inmate Marchela Fast holds her daughter Alaziah Fast-Detroy before Fast performs her lullaby at the prison in Eagle River on Saturday. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)
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Alaska Program Uses Music to Help Mothers Behind Bars Stay Connected with Their Prison Kids

One Alaska program is helping incarcerated mothers stay connected with their children even while behind bars. It encourages better parenting through music. At the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, the prison hosted it’s 2nd annual Project Lullaby Concert. It’s a program that encourages moms in prisons to be good, loving mothers to their children with the […]

Mom's in Prison
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Mothers in Prisons: The Forgotten Victims of Their Crimes Struggle the Most

When it comes to women and their children, the bond is something that seems unbreakable, until prison walls come between what should always be a solid connection. And, that’s why these prison kids are known as the Forgotten Victims of Crime. Incarcerated Mom Doesn’t Always Equal Bad Mom Sometimes, good moms find themselves in situations […]

Kelly Cappello must spend enormous costs for video visits with her son in McHenry County Jail because in-person visits are permanently banned.
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McHenry County Jail’s High Video Visit Fees Prevents Families from Engaging with Loved Ones

Kelly Cappello, whose son is an inmate at the McHenry County Jail, wishes there was any way she can visit with her son face-to-face. Unfortunately, there isn’t. In-prison visits have long been a thing of the past. Several years have elapsed since the McHenry County Jail opted out of in-person visits. Instead, it has required […]

ReMerge Prison Mom Graduates Chrystal Kinsey, Moore, Jamie Goodin, Bridgette Brown
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Fighting Recidivism: ReMerge Keeps Prison Mothers & Their Children Together

Keeping women in prisons costs the government a lot of money yearly. And housing a pregnant woman or children with their mothers in prisons costs even more. But both the government and support groups want to fight recidivism by keeping mothers and children out of prisons. More importantly, they want to keep children of incarcerated […]

Mother Sues Feds After Son Pummeled to Death at Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York
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Mother Sues Federal Prison Bureau After Son Pummeled to Death in Jail Cell

On Wednesday, Crecita Williams sued the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for the death of her son. He was pummeled to death incarcerated at the New York facility. 35-year-old Roberto Grant was jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York. He was accused of pulling off a series of robberies. His mother is […]

OITNB Mother-Daugther Prisoners Dayanara Diaz and Aleida Diaz Mugshots
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OITNB Reminds Us What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison

On Monday, I published a report entitled “OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids.” This is part 2 of that report… OITNB Reminds Us What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison Read Part 1: OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids When mom goes to prison, being separated […]

OITNB: Mother & Daugther Prisoners Dayanara Diaz and Aleida Diaz
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OITNB Reminds Us Having Moms in Prisons Really Hurts Prison Kids

Many fans say the season 5 premiere of Orange Is the New Black fell short of their expectations. However, for those effected by moms in prisons, it was a wake-up call and jolting reminder all at the same time. OITNB: Moms in Prisons Fans remember OITNB season 3 opened with a prison Mother’s Day episode. […]

Senator Cory Booker and ex-prison mom Tiheba Bain
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Video: Ex-Prison Mom on Difficulties of Parenting Children from Behind Bars

This week, Bustle posted a video featuring Senator Cory Booker and ex-prison mom Tiheba Bain. She talked about just how hard it is when parenting children from behind bars, something many on the outside take for granted. Ex-Prison Mom: It’s Extremely Hard Parenting Children from Behind Bars Tiheba Bain is an ex-prison mom. She served over […]