It's time to get you and your family prepared for a prison visit this holiday season to let them know you care.
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Preparing for a Prison Visit This Holiday Season

Your incarcerated loved ones should expect something special from you this holiday season. They should look forward to spending Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with you. But, not in the usual way. You need to make sure your loved one gets a prison visit this holiday season from you. This is the holiday gift of […]

Ormistan family charities
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LAT and Ormiston Families Charity to Partner to Provide Family Services to Lincoln Prison

HMP Lincoln to partner with a top family charity, Ormiston Families Charity to provide more than a few services to inmates and families of inmates. As one of three prisons, Lincoln has paired up with the Lincolnshire Action Trust in what has been said to be a pleasing partnership. Once the partnership is complete, the […]

Lincoln County Jail
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Jail Visits Suspended Temporarily Lincoln County Jail

Lincoln County Jail has announced the cancelations of its visits. However, the cancellation is just a temporary one and is expected to last for some few days. The deputy chief Sheriff at Lincoln County says that the result that will come after the temporary incontinences will be particularly beneficial to the inmates. The will be […]

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and Hurrican Harvey
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Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Set to Transition to Video Visitation

Effective October 10, 2017, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Harvey, Louisiana will no longer accept in-person visits for inmates and their families and friends. The center will transition to a prison video visitation system, allowing prison loved ones to “visit” using their computers and mobile devices. In-person jail visits will be limited to professionals […]