Devin Patrick Kelley antifascist action
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Texas Church Shooter Devin Kelley Charged With Animal Cruelty Before Killing 26 People (Video)

Devin Patrick Kelley on Sunday opened fire on a church in Texas and killed 26 people. He was a former Air Force employee who had been charged with animal cruelty before. Kelley was also convicted of spousal and child abuse in times past. Today, he’s the latest on our growing list of famous prisoners. The Ugly […]

Longview is doing its part to help reduce recidivism for mentally ill patients.
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Longview Teams Up to Reduce Recidivism for Mentally Ill Inmates and Patients in Local Jails & Hospitals

Gregg County Wellness Collaborative is a joint effort with Community HealthCore to help reduce recidivism for mentally ill inmates and patients in local hospitals and within the jail systems in Longview, Texas. All the stakeholders share the same mission: to break cycle of recidivism for mentally ill prisoners in the local emergency care and legal systems. […]

Hurricane Harvey-affected inmates go back to the Texas' Ramsey and Terrell units from the Estelle.
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Breaking News: Federal Judge Orders Harvey-Affected Inmates to Safer, Air-Conditioned Prisons

Do you have a loved one that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey in a Texas prison? Well, prison loved ones can rest better knowing Harvey-affected inmates are currently being moved to more comfortable, safer Texas prisons with air conditioning. This is because a federal judge in Texas has ordered all prisoners moved to safer prisons […]

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Texas’ Prison Treatment and Rehabilitation Program Necessitates White House Meeting

The treatment and rehabilitation programs in Texas prisons have necessitated a White House conference. The conference was to study Texas’ prison reentry model and modify it for federal prisons across the country. The ultimate aim is to reintegrate former inmates into the society rather than allow them to find their ways back to prison. The […]

Beaumont, Texas was underwater during Hurricane Harvey. Its federal prison was underwater too!
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Rep Lloyd Doggett Questions the Bureau of Prisons Over Rumors Following Hurricane Harvey

The rumor mill has gone wild at Beaumont federal prison after Hurricane Harvey. There are wild rumors of inmates’ deaths and health threats after reports claimed that Beaumont federal prisoners were not evacuated. Now, Representative Lloyd Doggett is probing into the events surrounding Harvey and federal prisoners. US Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin, together with […]

The Federal Bureau of Prisons refused to evacuate inmates during Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, leaving them in flooded cells like caged animals.
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US Federal Prisoners Abandoned & Left Like Caged Animals During Harvey & Irma

Thousands of federal prisoners were left locked up in prisons like caged animals while Hurricanes Irma and Harvey raged. Most inmates in state prisons in Texas and Florida were evacuated to “safety.” But none of those incarcerated in federal prisons were safe. Federal Bureau of Prisons Under Investigation The Federal Bureau of Prisons has now […]

OITNB Stella Carlin Prison Shower Scene - Recently slammed for her decision to make an LGBTQ donation.
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OITNB Star Ruby Rose Responds to Critics of Her LGBTQ Donation to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Orange Is the New Black star Ruby Rose vowed to make a sizable LGBTQ donation to Hurricane Harvey victims. Now, she’s being criticized because she her donation is specifically for LGBTQ victims. If you have been watching the news at all for the last few weeks you know the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas. […]

Jason Saldivar lost his 4 kids in a van crash while incarcerated in Texas.
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Father Of 4 Kids Killed During Hurricane Harvey Released From Jail

On Thursday, 36-year Jason Saldivar, was freed from a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas. While he was incarcerated, his four kids were killed during Hurricane Harvey. A day that many would expect to be his happiest, was actually not for him. Saldivar did not have his four kids to welcome him back home. They died […]

Trustee inmates from the Brevard County Jail work hard filling sandbags ahead of Hurricane Irma in Merritt Island, FL., Sept. 7, 2017.
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BREAKING NEWS: Hurricane Irma Shuts Down Florida’s Weekend Prison Visits

Weekend prison visits at all correctional facilities in Florida for Saturday (9/9) and Sunday (9/10) are canceled. The action comes in the wake of the arrival of Hurricane Irma. The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) explained that the plan is aimed to enhance the safety of inmates under its protection. Other proactive measures include providing 24/7 […]

Hurricane Harvey Kills 1 Houston Cop
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(VIDEO) Houston Police Chief: Hurricane Harvey Killed 1 Local Cop & Undocumented Immigrants are Safe

On Tuesday, Sergeant Perez of the Houston Police Department drowned while driving about 16-and-a-half feet underpass after the devastation that Hurrican Harvey left in Houston, Texas. Due to the darkness, Perez was not able to see clearly, thus driving into the waters, according to Police Chief Art Acevedo. Perez’s body was found the following day. […]