Devin Patrick Kelley on Sunday opened fire on a church in Texas and killed 26 people. He was a former Air Force employee who had been charged with animal cruelty before.

Kelley was also convicted of spousal and child abuse in times past. Today, he’s the latest on our growing list of famous prisoners.

The Ugly Past of Texas Church Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley

Devin Patrick Kelley antifascist action

Devin Patrick Kelley

In fact, Kelley was discharged from the Air Force because he broke a child’s skull among other incidents of violence on people.

The Texan church gunman was also not a stranger to animal cruelty cases. In 2014, Kelley was convicted of animal cruelty when he repeatedly jumped on top of a husky, punching it with so much wickedness.

Several witnesses reported that at a point, the church shooter smashed the poor dog to the ground and dragged it by its neck. Kelley was ultimately ordered to pay a fine of $448.50 and he lost custody of the dog.

Criminals often started hurting people by harming animals

Several studies point to the fact that violent criminals began practicing cruelty by hurting animals. Many famous prisoners have confessed to torturing and killing small animals in their youths.

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Some other famous criminals that made such confession include:

The Texas Church Shooting was a mass murder incident that killed 26 people and left 30 injured.

The Texas Church Shooting was a mass murder incident that killed 26 people and left 30 injured. Image Source: Mediate

…among others have admitted to animal cruelty. A particular research stated that about:

  • 70% of violent criminals had hurt animals before
  • Compared to only 6% of non-aggressive prison inmates

To this extent, psychologists say animal and human abuse go hand-in-hand. And the Animal Legal Defense Fund believes people cruel to animals are five times more likely to harm other people, unlike people who had never hurt animals.

Animal advocates call for harsher penalties on animal abusers

Having established a connection between animal and human cruelty, activists ask the government to be more proactive. They demand for harsher punishment for people who are violent to animals.

They ask the government to place animal abusers on the watchlist of people who could become future criminals. John Thompson, deputy executive director of the National Sheriffs’ Association, said:

“If somebody is harming an animal, there is a good chance they are also hurting a human.

If we see patterns of animal abuse, the odds are that something else is going on.”

Video: Devin Patrick Kelley Spews His Antifa, Far-Left Hatred

Devin Patrick Kelley is now the infamous and famous prisoner known as the Texas Church Shooter. He is a proven far-left wing antifa supporting atheist. This Texas mass shooting was supposed orchestrated by Antifa and George Soros Communist Revolution.

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Watch the video below. It’s talks about the online backlash that came after Kelley shot 26 people at a church in Texas:

The idea is that maybe had someone taken better precautions after Devin Patrick Kelley became dangerous to animals, maybe he wouldn’t have become dangerous to humans too.

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