Monday, one YouTube user published a self-produced short video about a prison wife who goes to visit her incarcerated husband. He is incarcerated for being a drug dealer in this short story & video entitled, Prison Visit.

Anyone with an incarcerated loved one, especially a spouse, should watch this video. Even the inmates themselves should, if possible. It goes into the mind of a truly p!ssed off prison wife visiting her husband.

This short story & video shows how painful it can be to have someone behind bars who you care a lot about, but does not seem to care much about you.

Why She Visits Him in This Prison Short Story & Video?

The prison wife drives for 3 hours to get to the facility for her prison visit. She is really angry with him for being silent for a long time.

Throughout this visit to prison, she intends to tell him how much of a terrible father he is to their children. It does not look like she is looking for answers for his attitude. She wants to tell him to his face so he can feel just how upset this makes her.

Prison Visit a Short Story & Video by YouTube user Thee RDD.

Prison Visit a Short Story & Video by YouTube user Thee RDD.
Image Source: YouTube

The Prison Wife’s Complaints

  • He has missed 6 birthdays, 12 graduations and 56 dance practices
  • He does not call them to find out how they are doing or to tell them how he’s doing
  • He has never even sent home a card to wish them happy birthdays, happy holidays or anything
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The Prisoner’s Response to His Wife

Mike, her husband, is surprised that she came to visit him. She does not visit him often, according to this short story & video. He is angered when his prison wife calls him a bad father and points out his flaws.

There is no guilt or remorse in this prison father and husband. Rather, he is rude to her and tells her not to walk with her head all high, but to remember that he made her. He also inquires about how she and the kids are doing, but in a rude way.

The prison wife asks him to write a letter, not to her or their kids, but to whoever made him end up behind bars. By this she is trying to insinuate that he should stop trying to put the blame on them. They are not the ones who got him imprisoned.

Video: Prison Visit (Short Story & Movie)

This is a short scene of a prison visit. The short story & video below was written, directed and uploaded to YouTube by Thee RDD: Check it out!

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