Anthony Dixon will finally be released from Florida prison system at age 57.
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14-Year-Old Teen Convicted As Adult Lifer in 1975 to Be Released at Age 57

In 1975, 14-year-old teen Anthony Dixon convicted as an adult was sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual battery. He was sentenced to life in prison as a teen. Dixon wasn’t given a trial, and no evidence was presented against him. He will be released after serving 43 years in prison, at the ripe age of 57.

Anthony Dixon will finally be released from Florida prison system at age 57.
Anthony Dixon will finally be released from Florida prison system at age 57. Image Source: Jacksonville

Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison in 1975

Anthony Dixon, sentenced to life in prison as a teen is set to be released. Dixon was a 14-year-old teen convicted as an adult for sexual battery in 1975.

The Jacksonville, Florida juvenile lifer who spent a total 43 years in prison has been ordered released by a judge when his case came up for resentencing.

At the time Dixon was sentenced to die in prison:

  • There were no members of his family in court
  • He wasn’t given a trial
  • No evidence was presented against him

In fact, his attorney allegedly told him to plead guilty so he would escape the hangman’s noose. This legal advice is deemed faulty since the accused was never eligible for the death penalty at the time of his sentencing in the first place.

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Anthony Dixon’s Release Subject To Several Conditions

Circuit Court Judge Linda McCallum invalidated the sentence of life imprisonment imposed on the juvenile lifer back in 1975. The teenager was sentenced as an adult, and his case was completely dispensed in court within five months.

Earlier this week the judge resentenced Dixon to 15,679 days in prison: the exact amount of time he’d already done in prison. This meant his time is already served.

Rob Mason, the public defender handling the case of the teen convicted as an adult praised Judge McCallum’s retroactive sentence, saying:

“Our office is deeply gratified with his release and we strongly believe that he will succeed. Mr. Dixon is a true example that who you are at 14 is not necessarily who you are years later.”

However, even after 43 years in prison, there are additional conditions attached to Dixon’s release:

  • Six years of probation with counseling
  • Compulsive curfew with consistent volunteer work
  • Subjected to warrantless searches as a sexual offender
  • Live at a halfway house in Jacksonville

The halfway house to which Dixon will be released is managed by the Ken Cooper Prison Ministries.

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Anthony Dixon… A Model Prisoner

Both the prosecution and defense agree that the time Anthony Dixon served in prison was enough for his offense.

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L.E. Hutton, chief assistant state attorney at the State Attorney’s Office stated that Dixon will still be supervised by the court, but the 43 years he has served in prison is long enough for this offense.

Since he was sentenced to life in prison as a teen, Dixon has reportedly maintained excellent behavior in prison. He earned a GED in prison and acquired many vocational certificates from life-skill programs.

Up to 17 correctional officers have been identified who are willing to testify to Dixon’s good conduct in prison. He is considered a model prisoner by many.

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