Inmates Michael Montrell Norwood and Milton Craig's pre-mortem mugshots.
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16 Prison Deaths in Mississippi Cause Uproar Among Family Members

16 inmates deaths in Mississippi in only one month raises a lot of questions. Yet, The families have more questions than answers about their loved ones.


Deaths in a detention center just like in society can be caused by unavoidable and natural circumstances. In some incidences, prison deaths can be caused or hastened by non-conducive and dangerous conditions.

Deaths of 16 Inmates Cause Suspicions Among Family Members

The death of 16 inmates in Mississippi prisons, in just a month, has raised a lot of eyebrows. Many of the families have more questions than answers concerning their loved ones who died behind bars. Most of the families have not been given a convincing explanation of what caused the deaths of their loved ones.

Inmates Who Died in August in the Mississippi Prisons

Nicole Rathmann is one inmate who died last month. The 33-year-old was serving a six-year drug sentence in a Mississippi prison. Nicole was supposed to be released the first week of September of this year. She was buried instead.

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Nicole died on the 23rd of August in the hospital. The incarcerated mother has struggled with addiction for a long time. She was a meth addict. Prison official said Nicole died of an aneurysm.

Five Inmate Deaths Occur in Four Days at Several Mississippi Prisons

A doctor who works at the medical facility in Jackson, Mississippi gave Nicole’s father, Kent Rathmann, detailed information. The doctor told him her condition (an aneurysm) was a result of meth Nicole used frequently while behind bars.

Nicole’s father feels the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility is to blame for the death of her daughter. Nicole was the state’s responsibility. She was an addict but the Pearl-based facility did not help her.

Additional Deaths in Mississippi Prisons

Lucious Bolton, just like Nicole, died in prison. He was serving his sentence of 14 years. He was convicted of gun possession and burglary. The 29-year-old suffered from stomach cancer.

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His mother, Alma Dunning, was called by a prison official on the 4th of August. The officer told her son, Bolton, had gone to receive further treatment to an outside hospital.

Dunning had been called four days earlier. She was told her son needed help and was in deep pain. Bolton died on 15th August. A chaplain broke the news to Dunning in a phone call. Bolton left behind a daughter (10 years) and his wife.

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Albert McGee died while in detention on the 2nd of August. The 57-year-old died in South Mississippi Correctional Institution. McGee was serving life in prison on murder charges. McGee was a diabetic.

A doctor informed Sandra Bell, Albert’s sister, that Albert was found unable to breathe in his cell. He was rushed to hospital before he met his death. His sister said a prison-affiliated chaplain called her and informed her about her brother’s death.

Inmates Michael Montrell Norwood and Milton Craig's pre-mortem mugshots.
Even back in April of this year, the Mississippi DOC’s inmate death toll was rising due to the reported deaths of two inmates that they claim were unrelated. It’s no wonder so many prison loved ones are concerned in Mississippi. Image Source: WJTV12

Are the Deaths a Red Flag in the Justice System of Mississippi?

Mississippi is famous for its uncompromising approach to criminal justice. It is considered to have the toughest prisons in America for any prisoner. Could the death streak in August be a sign and a red flag? What is really going on?

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