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Kids Get the Chance to Visit Parents in Prison in This PACT Video

#PrisonRideshare needs your help.  Once in a while when prisoners who have families (especially kids) on the outside get to meet, the moment is always passionate and priceless on both ends. Beyond the systemic restrictions and moderation on prison visitation, transportation and lack of enough support structure are two critical vacuums that need attention. Click Read More…

PACT Video: Kids Visiting Parents in Prison
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PACT Video: Kids Visiting Prison, It Impacts All

Moving video. This is why Prison Rideshare Network, is trying so hard to raise funds to launch our new site, We understand how important it is for these children to have local prison transportation services available to visit their parents in children. If we can raise the capital we need, we can relaunch our Read More…

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Prison Rideshare Network Needs Your Help

Please check out our fundraising project. We are working very hard to raise the capital we need to revamp our site. We could really use your help. Post by Prison Rideshare Network Kiesha JosephKiesha Joseph is the owner of Content Marketing Geek Corporation. Her company provides white hat, inbound marketing services for small businesses, Read More…