In 2013, the state of Pennsylvania made the decision to close multiple schools, but continued investing in state prisons.
Mass Incarceration Prison System Issues School to Prison Pipeline

Does Your State Spend More Money to Incarcerate Than to Educate?

According to a new Department of Education report, released earlier this month, local and state jail and prison spending has increased over three times quicker since 1990 than school spending. Some states have spent more on building prisons and maintaining prisons than others. But, the amount of states turning a blind eye to the long-term Read More…

Inmate Robert Daidone committed suicide at the Maury Correctional Institution in North Carolina while in solitary confinement.
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North Carolina & California Prisons Hard Hit with Suicides in 2016

Robert Daidone, a prisoner at Maury Correctional Institution in North Carolina was found dead in his cell last Tuesday. The 28-year old makes the state’s 5th prison suicide this year alone. According to The Charlotte Observer, prison authorities are currently investigating Daidone’s death. Daidone was serving time in the Eastern NC DPS facility for various Read More…