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Orange Is the New Black Season 5: Disorganized, But “One of Our Best” (Video)

Social media exploded with hashtags and emojis over the release of Orange is the New Black season 5. This Netflix prison saga has launched its best season yet. If you are a loyal fan of the popular Netflix prison saga Orange Is the New Black (OITNB), you probably binge-watched season four in a matter of Read More…

Daniel Newkirk (left) and Josh Daniel (right) are Boyle County Detention Center inmates speaking to teens about drugs on the Truth Tour.
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Inmate ‘Truth Tour’ Teaches Teens That Drugs Lead to Jail or Death

Josh Daniel and Daniel Newkirk are inmates at the Boyle County Detention Center in Danville, KY . They are both participating in the Substance Abuse Program, speaking to teens about the effects of drugs as part of the Truth Tour. What Are “Truth Tours” All About? This is a new prison community program started in the Boyle Read More…

People True Crime Stories Series
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Famous Prisoners: PEOPLE Magazine Features True Crime Stories That Inspired Law & Order

Law & Order made it’s television debut in 1990. It was an American series about police (law) and legal (order) procedures. This hit NBC crime drama was created by Dick Wolf. The series relied heavily on true crime stories as motivation for its writers. Brandon Tartikoff, who was the NBC President then, once did an interview Read More…

Shaylene "Light Blue" Graves added to the state's high suicide rates when she took her own life in a CIW prison in 2016.
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Staff Neglect Leads to State’s High Suicide Rates in California Prisons

An audit reveals that the suicide epidemic in California’s state prisons are caused by faulty leadership and oversight practices. This is leading to the state’s high suicide rates. Scott Kernan, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Secretary, defended the CDCR.  Kernan claimed programs such substance abuse and domestic violence counseling, were developed to lower Read More…

Richard Dwyer
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Inmate’s Death Ruled Death by Suicide at One North Carolina Prison

A prisoner’s death at the Lanesboro Correctional Institution was ruled an inmate death by suicide when officers found him unresponsive in his cell last week. He was serving 29 years when he killed himself. Charged with statutory rape, inmate Richard Dwyer, was discovered in his cell apparently unresponsive at 10:15 am. Local paramedics and prison staff Read More…

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Prison Families Are the Ones Who Actually Carry the Burdens of Incarcerations

Just one more harrowing tale of prison families and the burdens of incarcerations. These burdens come with having a family member that is incarcerated – Parents of Incarcerated Boy Sets Up Prison Ride Service to Take People to See Prison Inmates. This is a story of “using what you’ve got” to make the best of a Read More…

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Children of Prisoners Need Much More than Mentorship (Video)

Children of prisoners are often the ones that are forsaken. There is much to be said about how social services and our country can better accommodate their full range of needs. Statistics prove that mentorship is not enough to help them to overcome their vast needs mentally, emotionally, and physically. Why Mentorship Alone Isn’t Sufficient Read More…

TRCI 2nd Annual Powwow (2)
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Inmates & Their Prison Visitors Celebrate at Two Rivers Correctional’s 2nd Annual Powwow

Saturday, over 70 inmates and 65 prison visitors came together for the Two Rivers Correctional Institution 2nd annual powwow. They were welcomed with a ceremony at the prison 2nd annual powwow for family and friends. Prison Visitors Greeted with Cleansing Ceremony at Two Rivers’ 2nd Annual Powwow The inmates visitors were greeted by prisoner Rick Read More…

6-out-of-7 prison suicides that occurred among women inmates in CDCR since 2013 occurred at CIW.
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Prison Audit: Why Women Inmates Commit Suicides in California Prisons

A new prison audit has revealed the reasons why more women women inmates commit suicides in California prisons, and what the state can do to halt the worrisome trend. Senator Connie Leyva requested that the prison audit be done when it became apparent that more female inmates committed suicide at the California Institution for Women Read More…