Prison phone call companies, such as Global Tel Link, are creating dubious charges for prison loved ones, making calls from prison unaffordable.
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Prison Phone Call Companies Accused of Ripping Off Customers with Unexplained Charges

Last week, MuckRock published an investigative report on prison phone call companies. It clearly shows that they are hitting prison loved ones with dubious charges. These are not the best of times for thousands of people who have loved ones locked up behind prison bars. Apart from the pains of losing a loved one to Read More…

Prison Suicides & Deaths

Experts Suggest Money is the Key to Tackling Prison Suicides

Two weeks ago, The Guardian published a news report related to tackling prison suicides. It’s author, Mary O’Hara suggests that the problem is related to an overcrowded, underfunded penal system. This makes it impossible to deal with mental health issues, causing the prison suicide rate to soar in the United States. The Suicide of Alabama Read More…

Tuesday, a Philadelphia prison inmate committed suicide in his cell at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia, PA.
Prison Suicides & Deaths

Philadelphia Prison Inmate Suicide Linked To Understaffing

A yet to be named Philadelphia prison inmate committed suicide at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility on Tuesday. City officials blame understaffing for the incident. The 65-year-old deceased inmate hanged himself in his cell when detention officers were not around to supervise the cells. This reports comes from Lorenzo North, head of Philadelphia’s Union of Correctional Read More…

51 prison inmates died in North Carolina county jails in just 5 years. Patrick O'Malley was one of them. (Video)
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51 Prison Inmates Died in North Carolina County Jails Within 5 Years (Video)

Monday, US News reported on an independent investigation carried out by the News & Observer newspaper in Raleigh, North Carolina. It revealed that 51 prison inmates died in North Carolina county jails over a 5-year period. Investigations found that these inmates were left unsupervised against state regulations. North Carolina Department of Public Safety Regulations In the Read More…

Plenty of food was on hand for prison staff and their families during Family Day at Indiana State Prison.
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Indiana State Prison Staff Celebrates Family Day

Tuesday, The News Dispatch reported that Indiana State Prison held their Annual Family Day recently. They wanted to allow prison staff to enjoy time with their families. The event, held in a carnival style, had around 500 staff and guests in attendance. Fun Times for Prison Staff & Families For entertainment, there were elephant ears and Read More…

Prison Family Report: DajuanFirstClass and his niece Ameera on a well deserved prison visit.
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Open Your Home to a Prison Family… It Helps in So Many Ways

How much does an incarcerated person value visits from their Family? Beyond the fun of it, does prison family visit really mean anything on both ends? Numerous researches have been done on the impact of visits to incarcerated persons. There is an understandable correlation between the submissions of all the studies. It has been proven Read More…

Prison workers put in time to make the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility community garden a success.
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What This Indiana Prison Does to Bring Freshness to the Community (Video)

Monday, US News reported on community pantries being stocked with produce by an Indiana prison. The Wabash Valley Correctional Facility is helping fill food pantries in Indiana area with fresh produce. Indiana Counties the Prison Supplies This particular Indiana prison grows fresh produce and supplies it to community food pantries in the following counties: Sullivan County Read More…

Prison Mom Celestine Moreland was caught smuggling pot into a Cushing prison to her son Phillip Moreland.
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Prison Mom Admits to Smuggling Pot to Son in Cushing Facility

Celestine Moreland, a 61 year old mother to Phillip Moreland, pleaded guilty to smuggling pot to her son. He is a prisoner at the Cimarron Correctional Facility in Cushing, OK. Tuesday, reported on the incident which happened in January 18 2014. Phillips Sentences According to DOC Records: 17 1/2 years at Cimarron Correctional Facility for Read More…

Famous Prisoners: John Fox, who duped wine clients out of $45 million in Ponzi scheme, to be profiled on American Greed.
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Famous Prisoners: John Fox’s Berkeley Wine Ponzi Scheme Featured on ‘American Greed’ (Videos)

John Fox is a Ponzi schemer serving 6 ½ years in a federal prison. He duped his clients out of over $45 million worth of wine. American Greed will feature him on Monday’s episode. The CNBC show is set to examine the way Fox built his successful Berkeley, CA-based online and retail wine business. Eventually, Read More…

Prison Families & Loved Ones

Mother & Son’s Horrific Marijuana Ordeal Cushing Prison

Celestine Leola Moreland, a 61 year old mother to Phillip L. Moreland, pleaded guilty to bring drugs to her son at the Cimarron Correction Facility in January 18 2014. Phillips sentences according to DOC records: • 17 and one half year at Cimarron correction Facility for second-degree manslaughter in 2009 in Pittsburgh County. • He Read More…