Philadelphia criminal justice system activates new tool to predict recidivism.
Recidivism in the US

Philadelphia’s New Technology to Predict Recidivism Without Race

Philadelphia has innovated a new technology that can predict recidivism. It’s a new tool designed to predict whether an inmate will re-offend, won’t factor in race. However, it will consider prior convictions. With the help of the tool, the newly arrested suspects will be welcomed to the criminal justice system of Philadelphia. As soon as you Read More…

Oj Simpson hero to felon
Famous Prisoners Series

’48 Hours’ Airs ‘O.J. Simpson: Endgame’ Just 1 Day Before His Prison Release

James Brown, CBS News special correspondent, is now reporting on the O.J. Simpson trial which changed the face of America. Brown is briefing the world on what is ahead for the famous prisoner in ‘O.J. Simpson: Endgame.’ 48 Hours Special – O.J. Simpson: Endgame It is clear that the country is divided once again over Read More…

Haunted Halloween Tours: “Escape from Blood Prison” Opens on October 12
Prison Tours

Haunted Halloween Tours: Escape from Blood Prison Opens on October 12

Lovers of Haunted Halloween tours are in for a hellish experience at the Ohio State Reformatory this fall. Starting from October 12 through November 5, tourists will watch Escape from Blood Prison in all its gory details. During this event, selected actors will be dressed in horror costumes with creepy background music to draw out Read More…

anthony weiner crying when sentenced
Famous Prisoners Series

Famous Prisoners: Paying the Price, Anthony Weiner Sentenced for Sexting

Former New York-based Anthony Weiner was sentenced Tuesday to serve 21 months in jail. He was convicted of sending sexually explicit material to a 15-year-old girl over his phone. No Privileged Justice for Anthony Weiner “It is a serious crime that deserves serious punishment,” Judge Denise Cote said while imposing her sentence. The prosecution had asked Read More…

Jodi Arias Request Prison Leave for Funeral of Her father
Famous Prisoners Series

Famous Prisoners: Jodi Arias May Request Leave from Prison for Dad’s Funeral

Famous prisoner Jodi Arias has lost her father. A family member says she might request for a supervised visit to attend her father’s funeral. Jodi is serving a life sentence for the 2008 murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander. Jodi’s father, William A. Arias, 68, died on September 19. The family member said the news of Read More…

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and Hurrican Harvey
Prison Visits & Issues

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Set to Transition to Video Visitation

Effective October 10, 2017, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Harvey, Louisiana will no longer accept in-person visits for inmates and their families and friends. The center will transition to a prison video visitation system, allowing prison loved ones to “visit” using their computers and mobile devices. In-person jail visits will be limited to professionals Read More…