California Mens Colony Prison Facility
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California Men’s Colony Is Now Allowing Visitation after Large-Scale Riot

The California Men’s Colony prison which is situated in San Luis Obispo County will now be allowing visitation for its prisoners. The, visitation, however, will be strictly in the: West Facility Facility D, which is located on the eastern side The new move came following a recent large-scale riot which was experienced in the facility. Read More…

Occupy4Prisoners: The Injustice System on Trial
Mass Incarceration

Lehigh Students Create App to Simplify Mass Incarceration for the DOC

Thanks to an incredible group of Lehigh students, prison intake processes are now much simpler for Pennsylvania DOC. But, is this another way to simplify mass incarceration? The Intake Process for Pennsylvania Department of Corrections The students’ contribution has significantly assisted the Pennsylvania prison system in streamlining the process of mass incarceration. Typically, the Pennsylvania Department of Read More…

Scene from OWN Docuseries 'Released'
Mass Incarceration

New Docuseries ‘Released’ Explains How Mass Incarceration Effects Black Families

Oprah Winfrey is illuminating the damaging aftermath of mass incarceration on Black families in a new OWN docuseries entitled, “Released.” She’s teamed up with ex-inmate Shaka Senghor, who became an author and motivational speaker after her own release from prison. The Team Behind the OWN Docuseries ‘Released’ The OWN docuseries revolves around six men and women who Read More…

Douglas County Jail has a new visitation schedule. We have it here.
Prison Visits & Issues

Douglas County Jail Implements New Visitation Schedule

Douglas County Jail in Roseburg Oregon has changed its visitation hours in accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards. We have the new visitation schedule for you here. Passed in 2003, PREA seeks to reduce, and possibly, eliminate instances of prison rape through a “zero-tolerance” policy, research and information gathering. Douglas County Jail Read More…

The $100 million mansion of Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores.
Prison Phone Calls

Private Prison Business Is Now Even More Profitable Under President Trump… Detroit Pistons Owner Proves It!

The owner of basketball team Detroit Pistons, Tom Gores, is buying Securus. This is proof that the private prison business is becoming the industry for investors. Securus is the second largest prison phone company in the US. Following closely behind GTL, Securus prides itself on being a core provider of “civil and criminal justice technology Read More…

The North Charleston Police Department implemented Project S.T.A.N.D (Stop and Take A New Direction) aimed at fighting recidivism.
Recidivism in the US

Research: Shorter Prison Sentences Deter Offenders from Committing Crimes

Advocates for criminal justice reform are right to believe that shorter prison sentences deter recidivism. This has been proven by a series of researches. There are however certain caveats that need to be looked into to arrive at the correct conclusion. One of such studies was carried out by David Roodman and sponsored by Open Read More…

Aaron Hernandez was captured blowing a kiss to his daughter while in court. (AP)
Famous Prisoners Series Prison Suicides & Deaths

Daughter Sues NFL & Patriots; Aaron Hernandez Had Chronic Brain Encephalopathy

New facts have emerged following the jail suicide of Aaron Hernandez. Autopsy reports state he suffered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – a degenerative brain disease. The former NFL and New England Patriots player also had serious brain atrophy and a large portion of his central membrane was very perforated. Now, the former football player’s daughter, Avielle Read More…

Orville Lynn Majors, AKA the Angel of Death, 10 years ago right after his arrest.
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The End of a Serial Killer: Infamous Angel of Death Dies in Prison

Orville Lynn Majors, Jr. was a 43-year-old male nurse when he was sentenced to 360 years in prison in 1999 for six murders. Also known as the Angel of Death, he died at 56 of natural causes, according to autopsy reports. Majors reported difficulty breathing and became unconscious. The Indiana State Prison in Michigan officers Read More…

Last month, rumors surfaced that Sheree Whitfield had actually married Tyrone Gilliams in a prison wedding ceremony.
Famous Prisoners Series Videos & Audios

RHOA: Nene Leakes Exposes Sheree Whitfield’s Prison Romance Secrets (Video)

What happens in the dark, will one day come to light. Sheree Whitfield learned this fact in a hard way, when her Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) castmates exposed her prison romance secrets. Sheree wanted to keep her secret prison love as confidential as possible. Even while filming RHOA, everything remained in the dark. But unfortunately, Read More…

Mugshots of White Boy Rick: Juvenile (left),l Adult (right)
Famous Prisoners Series Prison Kids School to Prison Pipeline

Growing Up in Prison: Controversial Story of White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick, or rather, Rick Wershe, was 17 years old when he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was caught with over 650 grams of cocaine. He is today the longest serving juvenile drug offender in all of Michigan. The story of Wershe is one of controversy and mob deals against police involvements. The Read More…