One prison inmate writes that letters are always something prisoners appreciate from their loved ones on the outside.
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Contacting Your Incarcerated Family and Friends This Holiday Season (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. Click here to Read Part 1. 3. Actual Gifts You Can Send to Prisoners for Christmas Renee Patterson Writes eBooks to, for and about prison loved ones. She’s been sending Christmas gifts to her mom in prison, who entered the CDCR system in 2007, since the beginning. Read More…

Be the angel in their lives by contacting your incarcerated family and friends this holiday season with letters, cards, prison visits and more.
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Contacting Your Incarcerated Family and Friends This Holiday Season (Part 1)

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations are almost upon us. Prison inmates need feel like they are parts of the celebrations. There are various ways of contacting your incarcerated family and friends this holiday season. Getting in touch and staying connected with loved ones prisons is very important during the holiday. They will appreciate it Read More…

It's time to get you and your family prepared for a prison visit this holiday season to let them know you care.
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Preparing for a Prison Visit This Holiday Season

  Holidays are tough for everyone, independent of race, finances, location or incarcerations. But you know that if your loved one is incarcerated it is way more difficult than anyone could imagine. Prisoners are often allowed visitors on national holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Instead of buying them some expensive gift, it is important Read More…

Day with Dad: Family visits inmate (trustee) in medium security outdoor execise yard durning twice weeking visitation in the Putnam County Jail in Florida
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Questions You Should Never Ask a Prison Wife Because They Are So Disrespectful

It is baffling what people think they can ask a prisoner or their partners. When a woman’s partner is incarcerated, they are already going through a difficult time without people asking rude questions. So next time you decide to ask a prison wife a rude question, make sure it is not one of these. Never Read More…

Inmates Restore Wheelchair for Wheels for the World Program
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Wheels for the World: Kansas Inmates Refurbish and Donate Bikes to the Needy

Prison inmates at Ellsworth Correctional Facility in Kansas have found a way to give back to the society. They are proving very responsible and accountable to the general society they left behind. This they do via the Wheels for the World program at the Kansas prison. What is the Wheels for the World Program All Read More…

Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN)
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Formerly Incarcerated People Face Serious Challenges Trying to Create Better Lives

Getting out of jail is, for most, a clean slate. It’s chance to start over, to do good, to become someone who makes a mark on society. But, formerly incarcerated people face some serious challenges starting new lives outside the prison gates. What they don’t know is while they are ready to move on in life, Read More…

Brenda Ann Spencer, the Grover Cleveland Elementary School Shooter... Then & Now
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Classic Song Inspired By Brenda Ann Spencer, Who Hated Mondays Enough To Kill

said it was more fun to shoot people dead than see another Monday. She hated Mondays enough to kill people. And, in 1979 she mowed down people with 30 rounds of ammunition. Spencer was convicted and is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Corona, CA (CIW). The music group Boomtown Rats was Read More…

Nebraska Prisoner Alyssa Mayer and DeVanté
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The Toll Parents Behind Bars Has on Nebraska’s Prison Kids

Children of imprisoned mothers and fathers are often described as the forgotten victims of incarceration. When a parent goes to jail, children are affected, usually in negative ways. However, these effects are rarely considered in criminal justice processes, during which – instead – attention is focused on determining the guilt or innocence of a person Read More…