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6 Historical Famous Prisons You Must Visit in the US (Galleries)

There are numerous myths surrounding US Prisons, from the structures to the life lived by incarcerated people. Prison tour gives everyone the opportunity to see how things look in some of the most famous USA prison.

A good number of Hollywood movies have been shot in these prisons open for public tour and some of the cells have been occupied by diverse people, from Human rights legends to gangsters.

The below post gives you an insight into 6 US prison tour you shouldn’t miss for anything. From the famous Alcatraz Island located in the middle of nowhere to the Eastern State penitentiary, these six Prisons are well worth your time.

Famous Prison Tours

And it is that in the following list converge historical sites, plagued of legends and where diverse personalities (that go from royalty to the gangster world) have had to serve time. Today, many are reserved for tourist attractions and even settings to the movies of the infamous characters that inhabited them.

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